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N.A. Online League “beta” season to start January 24

Friday January 6, 2023

The North American Online League (NAOL) begins play on January 24th (North American Online League to launch beta season in January 12/23/22 EJ). Players will be grouped by skill level in groups of six and play a round-robin of weekly games. All games will be played even with AGA rules, 45 minutes base time and 3×30 byo-yomi. 

This first season is a “beta” limited to 96 players while the registration, pairing, and rating interfaces between AGA, CGA, OGS, and the new Leago software are being put into production. If interested in joining the beta, send a note to with your name, AGA or CGA ID, and your current rank. All games will be rated and ratings will be published. Season 2 in March and April will be open to all registrants from the US, Canada, and now Mexico. Registrants must be a current member of the go association in the country in which they reside.

Registration information will be sent in the next two weeks with priority given to those who have been members of the existing Canadian or Massachusetts leagues. “The enthusiasm we are seeing for the new league is exciting.” reports AGA President Gurujeet Khalsa. “We are already looking beyond the beta and ahead to Season 2 with full participation across North America.”

There is now a NAOL group on OGS, for more information.

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