Making it happen

Here are some other ideas that have worked for other organizers:

  • Barnes and Noble superstores schedule presentations all the time to sell books. They like authors, but they'll take anyone that might draw a crowd or sell some books. Show these materials to the events manager and you can probably get a date.

  • Arrange for the club to meet at a local mall. Space is often available in the central area or the food court. Schedule regular presentations and chat up interested people in between shows.

  • Many community groups, from Kiwanis to the Boy Scouts, like to schedule presentations on interesting topics to enliven their meetings.

  • Write a press release (samples) about your club or special event and talk to your local newspaper, radio station, PennySaver and other media outlets. They are always looking for community news.

  • Local events can be great opportunities to attract interest. Staff a booth at a nearby Asian Festival, Anime Convention or other related event. Make sure to have plenty of informational handouts available. If you are manning a Go teaching stand at a fair of some kind, then there is a handbook section (or single-page printable) at the British Go Association that gives advice.

  • Be a guest on the local cable show.

Got another venue that works? Let us know and we'll add it to the list!

Sample scripted presentation: Feel free to use it wholly or in part, or as a starting point to develop your own presentation. By Go! More Than a Game author Peter Shotwell.

The Game of Go: The Art of Strategy a nice-looking introduction by Neil Kolban.

Power Point presentation for use as a basis for your public presentation.

  • The Great Go Spiel: How to prepare and deliver a presentation about go in your community. It's not as hard as you think!

Handouts and Posters

Don't forget handouts and posters.