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More than 11,000 go players around the globe have come to count on the E-Journal since the first issue appeared on April 24, 2000. Go news from around the world, info on the latest and coolest go stuff and web sites, instructional material from American pros and top players aimed at all levels, a free "Classified" section and so much more!

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Samples of Member’s Edition Content

Questions From Actual Play #1: Haruyama Isamu 7P, the co-author of the classic Basic Techniques of Go, examines situations that commonly arise in amateur games in this series of 80 articles. Translated by Robert McGuigan.

Important, Fundamental Matters #1: Former insei Kazunari Furuyama looks at the basics in this series written especially for the American Go E-Journal.

What's Wrong With That Move? #1: In his most recent book, serialized in the EJ in 2004. Nakayama Noriyuki 8P tells you how to avoid easy-to-make mistakes. Translated by Robert McGuigan.

Joey Hung 7D vs. Chi-Hyung Nam 2P: Ms. Nam, a young Korean professional player, was visiting the US when she played this game with one of Jie Li's strongest students. Comments by Jie Li.

Jujo Jiang 9P vs. Nai-wei Rui 9P: He was a superstar on the Chinese team in the 1980's; she's the first woman in history to win a top professional tournament. In 1999, these married professionals found themselves playing for the North American Masters title.

American Go E-Journal Team

Managing Editor: Chris Garlock

Assistant Editor: Derek McGuire, Hailey Renner, Patrick Zhao

Game Editors: Gordon Fraser, Tim Hoel, Bennett Tomlinson

Game Commentaries/Instruction:
Michael Redmond 9P
Yilun Yang 7P
Guo Juan 5P
Kaz Furuyama 8d
Albert Yen 8d
Yuan Zhou 7d

Calendar: Roger Schrag

Lionel Zhang (Youth Editor)
Keith Arnold HKA and Patrick Bannister (50 Years aGo)

John Power (Japan)
Daniela Trinks (Korea)
Steve Colburn (AGA City League)