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Becoming a member of the American Go Association is easy! You can join or renew your membership online or through the mail.

Benefits of AGA Membership

In addition to supporting the development of go in the US, AGA members:

  • Receive the daily or weekly American Go E-Journal Member's Edition with members-only extras such as game files and professional commentaries
  • Participate in local and national tournaments
  • Participate in the national rating system
  • Participate in the annual US Go Congress – the largest go event in North America – at member rates
  • Receive the annual American Go Yearbook, a full-color PDF “Best of the E-Journal” collection, includes a complete archive of the games, articles and other material that appeared in the E-Journal, with dozens of commented games and other fascinating articles

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Now it's easier than ever to join the AGA or renew your membership with the online membership form. It takes just a few minutes. You can even give a membership as a gift! Use the back button on the form (not your browser back button) to go back and make changes if needed. You'll have a chance to verify all of your information before submitting your membership request. Current members may also use this form to update their membership information.

If you prefer, you may instead download and print this form to join or renew by mail.

Types of Membership

Membership Type Cost Details
Youth $10/yr Available to players age 22 and under.
Adult Full Membership $30/yr; Renew for between two and five years at the rate of $25 per year. Available to players age 23 and over.
Adult Enhanced Memberships $60/yr; Sustainer
$120/yr, Individual Sponsor
$600/yr; Institutional Sponsor
$1,000/Lifetime; A one-time payment--Perpetual membership for the life of the member.
Many members consider contributing more for their membership in order to provide the AGA with additional funds to support our work. We are particularly grateful to these individuals.
New Member Promotional (you must visit a chapter to receive this promo) $15/yr All the benefits of full membership for half price. For new members, available only through chapters.
One Day Pass $10/tournament Available to players who wish to only play in a single tournament.
Chapter $35/yr Sign your club to be a chapter and be recognized as an official AGA chapter. See details below.

Form Your Own Chapter!

Can't find a chapter nearby? Start your own! Use the "Chapter" option in the application form to become an official AGA chapter. Enroll your new members in the AGA at the promotional rate of just $15 per year. With two chapter members, you acquire voting rights in AGA elections and National Assembly meetings. The AGA is ultimately governed by its chapters.

Learn more about the benefits of chapter status.

AGA Privacy Policy

The American Go Association does not sell or distribute its mailing list for any reason. We notify new members of their nearest club and provide nearby chapters with phone numbers and email addresses of each new member, but not street addresses. We provide chapters with selected labels from the database at their request for mail promotion of local and regional events. Members may request to be excluded from this process in the "Remarks" section on page five of the online application, or by writing "exclude" on the written application form. This policy applies to street address and email information.