Special Events for Kids and Teens

US Go Congress Youth Program With pro instruction, exciting events and dozens of young players, The Congress Youth Program is the event of the year! Starting with a special pizza party on Saturday, the Youth Program features daily instruction from top pros and events every afternoon in a "youth-only" room--everyone under 18 gets special attention. Kids and teens also get to play in the US Open every morning and participate in other lessons and special events in the evening. Any player of any age can attend the Congress with an adult guardian. Scholarships are available from The American Go Foundation and as prizes in the NAKC.

AGHS School Teams Tournament Run by the American Go Honor Society, this online competition uses three-player teams--just like in Hikaru no Go. Everyone from DDKs to mid-level dans can compete, all you need is three players who go to the same school.  K-12 Schools from Canada, the US, and Mexico are all welcome, as are Chinese language schools based in North America. 

The North American Kyu Championships  The North American Kyu Championships (NAKC) is a tri-national tournament for young Kyu players in the US, Canada, and Mexico. Participants must be under the age of 18, and members of their national organizations (AGA, CGA, Gimnasio de Go or MGA). The tournament is held in February. All games will be played online, on the KGS Go Server.

The Redmond Cup Sponsored by Michael Redmond 9-Dan, his family, the AGA, and the AGF, The Redmond Cup offers four players--two junior (\<13) and two senior (\<18) finalists--a chance to win a trip to the finals at The US Go Congress to play for serious cash prizes.

Tiger's Mouth Youth Website The American Go Foundation maintains a moderated go website specifically for kids and teens, which features comics, lessons, a forum, and an online playing area. Tournaments are held every month, and feature generous prizes from the major Go vendors. Join this free online community, and post a message in the forums to introduce yourself.

Finding Other Players In Your Area Online is fine, but there's nothing like facing a real opponent across a physical board. If you can find and attend a nearby tournament--the AGA maintains an event list--you may meet other local players and learn about the scene in your area. You may also find a local club or chapter -- the AGA has a list of clubs, too, and youth clubs specifically are listed on Tiger’s Mouth. Subscribe to The American Go E-Journal, where you may learn about nearby activities.