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General Correspondence:
American Go Association
PO Box 4668 # 59898
New York, NY 10163-4668

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Any questions about membership should go to our Database Administrator**
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Board of Directors

Paul Celmer Eastern (even year) paul.celmer@usgo.org
Dan Ritter Eastern (odd year) dan.ritter@usgo.org
Brad Rose Central (even year) brad.rose@usgo.org
Devin Fraze Central (odd year) devin.fraze@usgo.org
Ted Terpstra Western (even year) Ted.Terpstra@usgo.org
Chris Kirschner Western (odd year) chris.kirschner@usgo.org
Justin Teng At large (even year) justin.teng@usgo.org

AGA Executive Officers and Vice Presidents

President Gurujeet Khalsa president@usgo.org
Executive Vice President Chris Kirschner chris.kirschner@usgo.org
Secretary Enrique Garcia secretary@usgo.org
Treasurer John Pinkerton treasurer@usgo.org
VP - Communications Chris Garlock communications@usgo.org
VP - Development Stephanie Yin stephanie.yin@usgo.org
VP - International Thomas Hsiang igf@usgo.org
VP - Tournaments Justin Teng tournaments@usgo.org

Communications Officers

E-Journal Managing Editor Chris Garlock journal@usgo.org
Broadcast Stephen Hu broadcast@usgo.org

Competition Coordinators

Youth Coordinator Paul Barchilon & Justin Teng youth@usgo.org
Pair Go Coordinator Hajin Lee pairgo@usgo.org
Rules Coordinator Terry Benson rules@usgo.org

Operations Officers

Membership Manager Charles Alden database@usgo.org
Ratings Robert Qi ratings@usgo.org

Records Officers

Archivist Karoline Li archives@usgo.org
Elections Officer Arnold Eudell elections@usgo.org

Services Coordinators

Congress Liaison Eric Wainwright
Chapter Services Coordinator Bob Gilman chapterservices@usgo.org
Education Services Coordinator Dan Ritter dan.ritter@usgo.org

Additional Contributors

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