What is the AGA?

The American Go Association is the official national organization of American go players, cooperating with similar national organizations around the world.

What We Do

In our efforts to promote the game and support the development of the American go-playing community, we:

The AGA is working in every way to build a sustainable community of go players in the United States.

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Media Kit

The AGA works hard to promote awareness of go, publishing The American Go E-Journal, encouraging national media to cover events and supporting coverage of regional go events in newspapers and on television. If you are a member of the news media and want to know more about the AGA, please write to president@usgo.org.

You might find our Introduction to go page useful with some additional material here.

AGA Publications

While the commentary and guidance all over this website are a product of many volunteers' efforts on behalf of the AGA, there are a few publications created or facilitated by the AGA that are of particular interest, uniqueness, or authority.

  • The AGA Rules of Go: The official American Go Association rules, designed to ensure a definitive result among any two players under any conditions. A concise version of the AGA rules is also available.

  • The Way to Go: Karl Baker's classic instruction manual is available for free download.

  • The American Go Journal: The AGJ, published from 1949 to 2003, was the oldest English-language go periodical going when it ceased publication in 2003. Back issues contain a wealth of articles and information you can't get anywhere else.

  • The AGA Song Book: Silly go song parodies for all occasions. A 2002 supplement is also available.

And publications that the AGA facilitated through other organizations:

  • How to Play Against the Stronger Player Volumes 1 and 2: This popular Japanese "Super Go" series helps players to improve their handicap go. Translated and produced by Steve Bretherick and John Stephenson of the Wings Go Club, Volume 1 and Volume 2 are now available for download in English at no charge. The AGA is grateful to the Japan Go Association for making this possible.

  • Go on Go: The legendary Go Seigen offers detailed analysis of some of his famous games, and other historical matchups. This book was made available for download by the Wings Go Club. The AGA is grateful to the Japan Go Association for making this possible.

Who is the AGA?

The AGA is made up entirely of go loving volunteers. They wish to share their enjoyment with others and put in a lot of time and effort. We appreciate their work. Please take a look at the AGA staff.

Legal Address:
American Go Association
PO Box 4668 # 59898
New York, NY 10163-4668