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The fun and miscellaneous stuff remains on this page!

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Miscellaneous Items Of Interest

More Games!

Go variants and other games that are played at Go congresses, games that feel like Go, and games that use Go equipment.

Go Variants

Crazy Go - Go Variants played an US Go Congress during "Crazy Go"

  • Hex Go: Black and white stones on a go-like board with hexes instead of squares. The object is to create an unbroken chain of stones from one side of the board to the other. Invented by John Nash, the brilliant, erratic subject of the Academy-award-winning film A Beautiful Mind.
  • Spiral Go
  • Volcano Go
  • Blind Go
  • 3-4-6-4 Tessellation Go
  • 3D Go
  • Toroid Go
  • Galactic Go (23 line)
  • North Carolina Go (map)
  • U.S. Go (map)
  • Binary Go
  • Triple Go
  • Pon-nuki Go
  • Progressive Go (1,1,2,2,3,3,...)
  • 4 color Go
  • Zen Go
  • Mono Go
  • Rengo Kriegspiel
  • Ren Go ("Family" Go - 3 player teams)
  • Pair Go

On the Side - Other Games played at US Go Congresses

  • Pits: Learn the rules of the 5-player card game that has been a popular side attraction at Go Congresses in Europe and the US.

  • Liar Dice: Another game sometimes played at Congresses and go events.

Feels Like Go

  • Reversi (aka Othello) - bystanders often confuse go with othello.

  • "Through The Desert" - a board game with a light theme, in which players try to surround areas.

Use Your Go Equipment

  • Go Mo Ku: also called "five in a row".

  • Pente

  • Konane: "Hawaiian checkers" can be played on a standard go board.

Other Mind Sports games

  • Shogi.net: Links and information concerning "Japanese chess."

  • Xiangqi: The Chinese ancestor of Western chess.

  • Liubo: Xiangqi evolved from this even more ancient game.

  • Janggi: Also called Korean chess. Very similar to xiangqi, but with slightly different rules.

  • Renju International Federation: Renju (Go-Moku) is the professional version of gomoku (five-in-a-row). The RIF site includes over 2000 pages on various aspects of this deceptively simple-looking game.