AGA Mailing Lists

The AGA currently runs a couple of mailing lists for the organization. These lists are open for anyone, members or not, who are interested in discussing topics with other leaders. These lists are designed to assist people running local operations and enhance their knowledge..

Chapters List: This is for any AGA Chapter or Club head to join and correspond with like minded people. Do you need help gaining local members? Do you have organization questions? There you can receive answers to just about any question about go, clubs, and the organization.

TD Support: Tournament Director Support is where you can get answers to Tournament related issues. From first-time to experienced directors you can learn how to run successful tournaments and handle obscure procedures.

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To join any list you can join through Google Groups directly OR email the group with a subject line of "subscribe". To Unsubscribe the same process will take place. When you email to join it will send you a notice and confirmation of joining the group. The links above will help you do this when clicking the links above.