Summer Go Camp

Group photo at Go Camp

The 18th AGA Summer Go Camp is coming!

Where: YMCA Camp Kern (in Oregonia, OH)

When: July 18-25, 2015

Who: Go lovers between ages 8 and 18 (all levels)

Registration and More

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Video of prior Go Camp | Summer Go Camp Website
E-mail Amanda Miller for further information.

Serious About Go? The Summer Go Camp is For You!

Every summer since 1998, kids from 8 to 18 from all over the US and abroad, have met for a week to study go in a traditional summer camp setting. Play and instruction are supplemented by many typical camp activities.

We provide a balanced teaching program under the supervision of a top level player to both instruct and entertain young go players. Campers will be grouped according to strength for lessons especially suited to their needs.

But go is not the only thing: there are all kinds of outdoor and indoor activities between go sessions—we swim, take day trips, hike, roller blade, play tennis and soccer, and play silly games. We learn all kinds of arts and crafts. Bring a musical instrument if you have one.


Picnic at Go Camp

We welcome kids of all levels, from 30 kyu and up. We especially want to help kyu level kids establish a lifelong love of the game. We also have a strong program for dan level kids. All should already have some exposure to go. Camp is intensive, and is not appropriate for those who aren't sure if they will enjoy the game on a daily basis.


Your child will be well looked after. Parents and experienced camp organizers are in charge. Everything is organized to the last detail, beginning from the pickup at the airport to the last moment when we see off the kids boarding the home-bound flight. Your child is safe. We welcome you to contact past campers' parents.

Whether or not you play go yourself, you are welcome to stay with us while your child enjoys the camp. There is a section in the application for parents who wish to accompany their children. If you play go, you may participate in the lessons or otherwise join in the go activities.

American Go Foundation Scholarship

Go lessons at Go Camp

American Go Foundation scholarship applicants should fill out the Go Camp application as usual, except the deposit is only $75.

Before camp: With the application, the student should send a one-page (double-spaced) essay about why they want to come to the camp. The parent should also write a short statement about their financial situation.

After camp: Scholarship students should send another one-page essay about how they enjoyed the camp and what they have learned.

Get more information about American Go Foundation scholarships on the AGF website.

US Youth Go Championship Scholarship

Every US Youth Go Championship finalist receives a $400 discount towards the Go Camp. There is more information about the US Youth Go Championship on this page.

Camper Comments

  • Bonnie Liao got a big surprise when she met her son, Lionel Zhang, at the Philadelphia airport last summer. "When he saw me ... he hugged me and sobbed. I was taken aback a bit not expecting he could be so 'emotional' to see me," Ms Liao wrote in a letter to James Chien and Jon Boley, administrator and director, respectively, at this year's American Go Association Go Camp. The unexpected tears made Bonnie wonder whether Lionel had not had a good time or had been homesick. But her worry about the tears was short-lived as Lionel shook his head when she asked "Were you unhappy?" Shortly, Lionel started telling his mother about some of the best moments he had ever had in his life. "By the time we got to our car in the airport parking lot, Lionel had already asked, 'Will next year's Go Camp be one-week long?'" Bonnie reports. "I think so," she told him. Lionel's response: "Why can't it be longer? I am going to the Go Camp every year from now on!" So what caused the tears in the airport? "I don't know," Lionel told his mom. "I felt very sad that I had to leave the Go Camp and I was very happy to see Mommy." "It was the first half that I would have never guessed," Bonnie says. She and husband Barry Zhang "thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you have done and thank AGA for all of its support, which have made this trip possible for Lionel. The 2003 AGA Go Camp is a memory that he will treasure forever!" Not only that, but Lionel's game has improved, too, his parents report. "He won one game on IGS last night." -From the American Go E-Journal

  • It was a LOT of fun. I learned a LOT. I am definitely coming back next year. -Sarah C.

  • I really enjoyed being here, especially the counselors were a lot of fun and I liked teasing them. My favorite was toasting marshmallows on the beach. I definitely plan to return next year. -Florencia R.

  • Camp is always fun and everything we do is the best. I especially liked playing relay Go. -Jeremy V.

  • I really improved my game this week. The guidelines that Janice Kim taught us changed my play. I hope we mini golf next year- that was really fun. -Marshall W.

  • I liked it because I learned a lot about Go and made new friends. I loved the field trips, especially jumping off the dunes with everyone. -Jay N.

  • We came, we saw, we played baseball. - Mark M.