Go On the Internet

Thousands of people from all over the world are playing go on the Internet right now! Many are playing on Chinese, Japanese and Korean servers, but several great English language options are listed below. Get a game, watch others play, find a teacher, kibitz, chat -- it's a great way to get acquainted with go, or fit in a quick game anytime, anywhere on the Internet.

There is also more Go Software and standalone clients to connect to internet servers.

Real Time Servers

Play live when you have 20 minutes to a few hours to play a complete game, depending on the time settings. You can find an opponent, or use the "Automatch" feature on a servers to start a game. Watch your clock! Most servers require you to agree to one of several time control methods.

Online-Go Server(OGS): OGS is a great place for new players to find a game.

Pandanet: The "Mother of All Go Servers" began operations in 1992. You'll find about 1500 players online at any time of the day or night. It's a wild and woolly place where pros amuse themselves under assumed names, top Asian matches are mirrored in real time, and there's always something exciting going on. IGS publishes its specifications, so various third-party "clients" are also available.

KGS Go Server: KGS also attracts hundreds of players who log into dozens of separate "rooms" for clubs, events, lessons and language groups. You can even start your own public or private room! The KGS "client" (interface) supports advanced options for teachers. A great place to get a lesson from a stronger player. The client is cross-platform, using Java. There is no iOS app, but there is an Android client which can be bought. We have prepared an online tutorial and a downloadable PDF file for getting started with KGS.

Tygem Baduk Server: A busy server where it is easy to get a game. It is operated by the Korean Amateur Baduk Association.

Fox Weiqi: One of the most populated servers making it easy to find a game anytime. There are tutorials for installing and registering, once that is done the client does have english.

DipGo: Multi-color Go. Play 'regular' Go with two colors, or play with more than two players using multi-colors.

Turn-Based Servers

If you prefer a more moderate pace in a more casual atmosphere, correspondence games are another possibility. On these servers you log in, see your opponent's last move, respond, and move on. There's a special satisfaction in completing a game that takes several days or weeks.

Online-Go Server(OGS):

Dragon Go Server

International Network Go Organization

Little Golem

Its Your Turn

Combination Real-time and Turn-based

Online-Go Server(OGS)