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Many go professionals regularly teach classes and workshops and are available for private or group teaching online and in person. At some of the bigger tournaments throughout the year and especially at the annual Go Congress, look for professionals in attendance for workshops, lectures, and game reviews or contact a professional for lessons today!

Go Professionals living in North America

NAGF-Certified Go Professionals (formerly AGA-Certified)

(2012 details) Andy Liu & Gangsheng Shi
(2013 details) Calvin Sun
(2014 details) Ryan Li
(2015 details) Eric Lui

As of year 2021, the North American Go Federation (NAGF) has inherited the AGA Professional System. For more information on the NAGF, please visit the NAGF Website.

What is a Professional?

A person is a go professional when they are certified by one of their national organizations.

The AGA's certification process, begun in 2011, is the certifying authority for the United States and Canada. The AGA is the 5th Go association in the world which has its own professional system after Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan. The AGA certified its first and second Go Professionals in 2012 and its third professional during the Second Pro Qualification Tournament on January 6, 2014.

The AGA System

Description of the AGA Professional System


Calvin Sun Edges Out Bill Lin in Dramatic Final to Win AGA Pro Tourney
Gangsheng Shi Wins to Join Andy Liu as First AGA Professionals
Ryan Li Sweeps Final to Win 2015 AGA Pro Victory
Eric Lui Wins AGA Pro Tourney to Become Latest US Professional
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