Whether you are starting a club, teaching a group, putting on a presentation or just want to tell your friends about go, you can use these tools and materials to help spread the word.


Capture Go: trifold or 11x17 format Some beginners find this simplified form of go easier to grasp. Click here for a brochure specially designed with children in mind.

GO: An Ageless Game for All Ages: This brochure in 8.5x11 format is packed with information about go. Put your contact info in the space specially provided on the back.

One Page Summary of AGA Rules Peter Drake developed this simple summary of AGA rules for use with beginners.

We're conducting a survey of chapters to determine the desired marketing pieces. Here are the examples of those pieces. (where available)

Half-page handout, marketing "about"
Full-page handout, marketing "about"
Half-page flyer, vertical
Half-page flyer, horizontal
Full-page flyer, vertical
Regular Business Card: Like this but with AGA information on the back.
Folded Business Card
Full-page 9x9 board and capture ruleset
Full-page 5x5 and 7x7 board and capture/stone counting ruleset
Half-page, double-sided rules
Table-top full page (8.5x11), suitable for acrylic display
Table-top teaser tri-fold self-standing (while playing)
Table-top half page, suitable for acrylic display (restaurant-style)
Trifold Capture Go
Trifold "About"


What Is Go? Poster: Print this lively, colorful 8.5x11 pdf file, fill in your contact info in the space provided, and you have a handsome, personalized flyer for your chapter or event. Click here for the 11x17 version. If you prefer, download a Word template where you can add your info in the blank space before printing. Click here for the 11x17 version.

Que Es El Go? Póster: En Español.

Play Go! Poster: Or choose this poster to announce your event if you prefer.


Sample press release: Shotwell's approach to informing the media. By Go! More Than a Game author Peter Shotwell.

AGF Teacher of the Year Paul Barchilon gets 20-30 kids every week at his club; read his secrets to success here.

Sample Press Release: Barchilon used this press release to attract interest from local media.

News Article Resulting From Press Release: Barchilon's local paper newspaper eventually ran this article on the front page, with a lengthy continuation inside. Barchilon got responses for years.


Club letter reinvigorating the club and advocating AGA from Peter Armenia to the Gotham Go Club.