Outreach Overview

The essence of outreach is persuasion. Here we give you the tools to persuade.

Reasons To Learn Go
Reasons To Play Go
Notable Quotes Great people say great things about the world's greatest game. Post them at the club; use them to spice up a press release for your next event; or just enjoy!

You know that go is the finest two-person strategy game of all time, but most of your friends and neighbors don't. Tell them! You can promote go in your community and attract new members to your club. One enthusiastic player can start a strong go community! Here are some ideas that have worked for other enthusiasts, and a wealth of materials for download to help make your promotional campaign a success.

The "Special Event" Approach: Schools, bookstores and many civic and community organizations in your area want interesting programs and presentations for their meetings, classes or events. If you live near a major city, you'll also finds lots of conventions you can visit; most will allow you to set up a table, often at no charge. Anime and comic book conventions, game-oriented gatherings, Asian festivals and even street fairs are promising venues. Use the materials below as a starting point and you'll create a winning demonstration.

The "Club" Approach: Maybe you're not the world's best public speaker, or you don't have the time to put together a whole presentation and find places to do it. No problem -- let interested people come to you! Arrange a regular meeting place and time -- the local mall's food court; a bookstore, coffee shop or game store; basically any public place that will accommodate you. All you need is one other person to play with or teach. Stock up on copies of some of the handouts you can download below, and you're ready for interested passersby -- and there will be interested passersby!

Getting the Word Out: Download our poster or make your own with a phone number and/or e-mail, and post them around town -- supermarkets, community bulletin boards, libraries, universities. You can often arrange for your meeting or event to be listed for free in local papers and Penny Saver-type publications. A well-written press release might even get you a feature story.