Teaching Equipment

Teaching equipment

Equipment Vendors for purchasing equipment whether you qualify for AGF program or not.

AGF-Qualified Programs

If you want to start a serious teaching program, The American Go Foundation Store has everything you need. AGF-approved teaching programs qualify for matching funds that let you shop for the things you need at a 50% discount. Not sure where to begin? Talk to your local librarian. Public libraries are fighting to stay relevant in the Internet age. They love activities that bring people in; space is usually free. The AGF has a special support program for libraries, including a free copy of the entire 23-volume Hikaru No Go manga series (for the cost of shipping.)

The AGF Starter Set: Contains enough equipment to give up to to twelve players started, $50 value. The AGF sends a free Starter Set to any AGF-approved teaching program; fill out and submit this form to apply.

Magnetic Demo Board: For large groups -- more than six or so -- you'll need a large standup board with magnetic stones to demonstrate the rules, comment on games, etc. If you're handy with tools and have a few free hours, you can also make your own demo board.

Prizes and Incentives: To keep your students motivated, you'll want to get some cool stuff you can use as tournament prizes, to reward achievements (playing XX number of games, changing ranks). The AGF Store has beautiful ukiyo-e prints, colorful go-theme stickers, and other promotional items you can't find anywhere else, for approved AGF programs.


Make Your Own Demo Board! American Go Foundation 2008 Teacher of the Year Vincent Eisman shows how anyone with a straightedge and a few everyday items can solve every go teacher's most vexing equipment problem.