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The organizations and people of go, online and around the world.

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The World Of Go

AGA Chapter and Club List: With more than 100 chapters and clubs listed, we hope there's one near you. If not, start one!

Where To Buy Go Books and Equipment: Links to the best online vendors.

The American Collegiate Go Association: The ACGA is a national network of schools, dedicated to strengthening the American Go community. We organize and run the Collegiate Go League, the first online competitive league for college Go clubs.

The American Go Foundation: A tax-deductible foundation that supports the growth and development of American go.

The International Go Federation: The worldwide governing body of national go associations, with 71 members.

The International Mind Sports Association: Formed by the international associations for backgammon, bridge, chess and go, IMSA promotes worldwide mind sports competition in order to "further realize the inclusion of mind sports in the Olympic Movement" through events.

The International Pair Go Association: The IPGA promotes go as a contest between male-female pairs of players, to enhance the social aspect of play and to promote a stronger female presence in the game.

Go Clubs Online: GoClubsOnline provides invaluable web-based resources for club organizers and volunteers wanting to manage their clubs, their membership, their tournaments and events. With GoClubsOnline tournaments can be managed from (cradle to grave) via online registration, check-in, pairings, prize giving, all the way to one-click reporting results to the AGA.

Go People

Feng Yun's Go School: The former World Women's Champion, one of only 2 female 9-Dans in history, lives and teaches actively in the New York area, and offers online lessons.

Guo Juan's Internet Go School: Ms. Guo teaches group and individuals on the Internet. Recorded lessons are also available.

Alexander Dinerchtein's Go School: A Russian-born 1P in the Korean system who teaches online in Russian, English and Korean.

Harry Fearnley's Homepage: A vast store of links, information and oddities.

David Mechner's Homepage: A former insei describes his experience and offers advice on getting stronger.

Milt's Go Page: Read some intriguing essays and download two free full-length books.

Steve Bailey's Go Pages

361 points: A huge hodgepodge of information, resources and commentary.

Hutch's Go Pages: Former AGA Archivist Craig Hutchinson offers his unique perspective on the game.

Jay Burmeister's Go Pages: A thorough but somewhat dated discussion of computer go issues.

Chiyodad Learns Go

NannyOgg's Shodan Challenge: A beginner discovers a quest for excellence.

Snakeeater On Go

Falling Stones Are Not Heavy

Go In Russia

Go Aggregator: News, games, discussion and blogs.

Shodan In A Summer

River Of Stones

Studying Weiqi In China

Shygost's Public Lessons Sgfs of lessons conducted on the KGS Go Server.



South African Go Association


Asociacion Mexicana de Go
http://go.org.mx/ (dead link)

Associacao Brasileira de Go
Mailing List: https://groups.google.com/group/abrago?hl=pt

Canadian Go Association

American Ing Goe

Hatian Go Association
Email: haitiangoassociation@gmail.com
Nord-est, Fort-Liberte, Haiti
Phone: (509) 4310-5050


China Weiqi Association

Hankook Kiwon (Korean Baduk Association)
English website: http://english.baduk.or.kr/
315 Hongik-dong
Seongdong-gu, Seoul
Phone: +82-3407-3800

Taiwan Go Association
No.28, 3F, Sec 3,Roosevelt Road
Taipei, Taiwan
Phone: +886-2-2365-6060

Kansai Kiin (Kansai Go Association)
Nihon Bunka Kaikan Building 1F
1-23 Kitahama Ni-chome
Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi 541-0041
Phone: +81-6-6231-1589

Nihon Kiin (Japanese Go Association)
Email: overseasdept@nihonkiin.or.jp
7-2 Goban-cho
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0076
Phone: +81-3-3288-8727


Australian Go Association
Email: secretary@australiango.asn.au
PO Box 149
Woody Point, Queensland 4019


British Go Association
Contact: http://www.britgo.org/contact

European Go Federation
Contact: http://www.eurogofed.org/egf/executive.htm
c/o European Go Cultural Centre
Schokland 14
1181HV Amstelveen

European Go Cultural Centre
Contact: http://go-centre.nl/tikiwiki/tiki-contact.php
Schokland 14
1181HV Amstelveen
Phone: +31-20-64-55555

Deutscher Go-Bund, e.V.
Email: info@dgob.de