AGA Code of Conduct

This is the AGA Code of Conduct for all attendees of AGA sponsored events. It was approved by the board on May 20, 2018.

Statement of Welcome

All are welcome at AGA events! We welcome all attendees regardless of differences, including race, gender expression or identity, sexual orientation, immigration status, ability, religion, or any other personal identity or belief. Our shared interests, differing backgrounds, and mutual respect strengthen our community. We ask that attendees abide by the AGA Code of Conduct and help us to create a welcoming and safe environment for everyone who comes to share their passion for go at our events.

AGA Code of Conduct

The go community in America has long been known as a warm and welcoming society. Exhibiting respect for oneself, one’s opponents, officials, and other go players is one of the foundations of go in America, and is a clear value of the American Go Association. This Code of Conduct has been adopted to further this welcoming spirit and to ensure an atmosphere that is safe and comfortable for ALL current and future AGA go players. The Code of Conduct does not replace the Tournament Regulations, or limit any prohibition or sanctions allowed there, and is not intended to impede regular go play or interactions.

The AGA expects all members and guests to act maturely, to behave responsibly, and to respect the rights and dignity of ALL others. Members and guests are encouraged to take responsibility for their personal comfort and safety. Anyone who feels uncomfortable in confronting a person directly should report the behavior to an event official or AGA Code of Conduct Committee person.

This Code of Conduct outlines prohibited action, but the actions listed below are not intended to be an all-inclusive list of behaviors considered inappropriate in our tournaments and programs.

  • Harassment or intimidation by words, gestures, body language, or any type of menacing behavior.
  • Physical contact with another person in an angry, aggressive, or threatening way.
  • Verbally abusive or offensive behavior, including angry or vulgar language, swearing, name-calling, or shouting.
  • Sexually explicit conversation, behavior, or sexual contact with another person without their affirmative consent.

The AGA will not tolerate these expressly prohibited actions or other behaviors that are contrary to the core values of the AGA. Violation of the Code of Conduct may result in suspended or terminated participation privileges up to and including indefinite expulsion from participation in the AGA. Criminal behavior will immediately be referred to the appropriate authority. The AGA will assist with contacting venue security, local law enforcement and support services, provide escorts, and otherwise assist the involved parties in feeling safe for the remainder of the event.


If you suspect that yourself or someone else is being harassed or being made to feel unwelcome or unsafe, please report it in one of the following ways:

  • Contact an event or tournament staff member such as a TD or organizer.
  • Call or text a Code of Conduct Committee representative at 240-513-7825. This phone number is continuously monitored during AGA sponsored events such as the US Go Congress, where one or more representatives will be onsite at all times.
  • Send an email to


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