Your Chapter and You

Chapters are the heart and soul of the AGA. Through chapters we meet, play, study, learn about the world of American go and elect the seven-person AGA Board of Directors. Here are some ways the AGA can help you and your chapter to build a sustainable go culture in your community.

If you don't have a chapter nearby, it's easy to start one! Use the "Chapter" option on the member application to register your chapter ($35/year), then take advantage of the following benefits:

Join Through Your Chapter

New to the AGA? Through your chapter, you can take advantage of a special promotional membership which entitles you to all the benefits of AGA membership at half-price ($15/yr) for up to two years. Play in as many rated tournaments as you like; enjoy The American Go E-Journal Members' Edition including commented games and outstanding instructional material; receive an electronic copy of the AGA Yearbook and more! NOTE: This offer is available only through AGA Chapters. What if you don't live near one? Some chapters, especially virtual or Internet chapters, accept members who live anywhere.

Chapter Reps: Check the instructions on how to sign people up for this type of membership.

Organizational Support

The AGA can provide technical support, guidance, prizes and other resources like listing your event on the web site and announcing it in The American Go E-Journal. Contact the AGA tournament coordinator for more information. Chapters are also entitled to ninety free printed copies of The Way to Go.

Publicity and Promotion

List your tournament or event on the web site and in the E-Journal and let the AGA use its mailing list to send out announcements.


Your chapter can submit game results from tournaments and events to the AGA rating system, recognized worldwide as a credible means of measuring strength.

Connect With Thousands of Players

With thousands of new visitors every week, is one of the hottest go sites on the Internet! Being an AGA chapter gives you a special status on the chapter list, where the AGA logo will make your club stand out.

Playing Politics

The chapter is the basic voting unit in the AGA. Seven directors select the President, set policy, and govern the AGA. They serve two year terms and half of them stand for election every year. More members means more votes for your chapter, so to make your vote count, make sure the AGA knows which chapter you are affiliated with using the AGA membership manager. And make sure your chapter representative knows where you stand on important issues!

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