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The most popular international professional go event

Monday October 25, 2021

by Yuan Zhou

At the launch of the 23rd staging of ‘The Three Kingdoms of Korea, China, and Japan Baduk’ and Nongshim Shin Ramyun World Baduk Championship.

My title may be a slight exaggeration, but the Nongshim Cup does get a lot of attention among Asian fans. “Nongshim” in English is “spicy noodles” and the event is named for the Korean instant noodle company that sponsors it. The 23rd running of the event – officially the Nongshim Shin Ramyun World Baduk Championship – began this month. The tournament is being held online again this year; the second round starts November 26 and the finals begin February 21, 2022.

The tournament is a win-and-continue contest among three teams of five players each from China, South Korea, and Japan. The games are played one at a time so there have to be at least ten games (all of the members of two teams must lose), though thirteen or fourteen is normal.

The competing countries send their strongest players to this popular event, which makes for a lot of exciting games and, since they are representing their own countries and not just themselves, the players feel more pressure/stress than in regular international events. The Korean team for the up-coming session contains the top five ranked players, which will be the strongest Korean team ever in terms of ranking. The Chinese team always includes all the current holders of world titles, and the Japanese team is normally the major seven Japanese title holders.

22nd Nongshim Cup winners

Occasionally, one of the players will have an amazing winning stretch. In the 22nd Nongshim Cup, for example (which ended in February of this year), Shin Jinseo 9p, Korea’s number one player, who was the fourth player on the Korean team, won five games in a row to win the event for Korea. He defeated the top two players of the Japanese and the Chinese teams: Iyama Yuta 9p and Ichiriki Ryo 9p of Japan, and Yang Dingxin 9p and Ke Jie 9p of China. The year before, Yang Dingxin was the first member of the Chinese team up, and he managed to defeat three members of the Japanese team and four of the Koreans before being defeated by Iyama Yuta 9p of Japan. The lone remaining Korean was Park Junghwan 9p who won four times: defeating the last member of the Japanese team, Iyama Yuta 9p, and three of the remaining Chinese. However, Park Junghwan lost the final game to Ke Jie 9p of China.

In 2018, another Chinese player, Fan Tingyu 9p, defeated Ichiriki Ryo 7p in the second game (Ichiriki had just defeated Lee Sedol 9p of Korea) and went on to win seven games in a row before losing to Park Junghwan 9p of Korea. Park Junghwan then knocked out the last Japanese player, Iyama Yuta, but lost the final game to Fan Yunruo 5p of China. Korea has won the Cup 13 times. The Chinese team has triumphed more than the others in recent years, their cumulative record is 8 Cup wins. Their last previous loss was in 2010 when Choi Cheolhan 9p of Korea won the last five games of the match, defeating Kong Jie 9p of China in the final game. Lee Changho 9p of Korea won the first six runnings of this Cup, starting in 2000, and then twice more. The Japanese have won the Cup only once: in the seventh running, Yoda Norimoto 9p of Japan defeated Lee Changho in the final game.

Yuan Zhou is a popular teacher and longtime contributor to the E-Journal; find out more on his website.

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50 Years aGO – October 1971

Monday October 25, 2021

by Keith L. Arnold, hka, with Patrick Bannister

Fans of Japan’s “old guard” had gotten hopeful that Fujisawa Shūkō might hold the Meijin title, but those hopes were dashed on 5-6 October as Rin Kaihō won the sixth game, regaining the title with a 4-2 finish. (Game record: Meijin Game 6.)

On 23 to 24 October, the second U.S. International Go Tournament took place in New York City. Once again, the Chinese team led by Dr. C.S. Shen were the victors, with a 16-2 record in the competition between three player teams – two Chinese teams, two Japanese teams, two Korean teams, and one U.S. team. (Author’s note – I suspect that these teams were drawn on racial lines, some of the “foreign players” were probably citizens, certainly residents of the U.S.) The U.S. team of Robert Ryder, Harry Gonshor, and Gerald Rogers were a surprise second place. The Japan A team, headed by long time New York Go Club President Mitsuo Horiguchi, placed third.

On 31 October (the following weekend) the 2nd Wessex Tournament was held, sponsored by the Bristol Go Club. The 52-player British Go Association event was won by Rick Hubbell, 3 dan of Seattle Washington.

Rin Kaihō wins Game 6 of the Meijin title match, retaking the Meijin title.
Rin Kaihō retakes the Meijin title

Image courtesy of Igo Club.


Tang leads after 1st weekend in Virginia Open

Saturday October 16, 2021

Over forty AGA members competed in the first weekend of the 10th Virginia Open, held on OGS October 9-10. Former Maryland Open and Salt City champion Zhengbokang Tang 8D (3-0) edged Li Yi 7D (2-1), the newly minted NC State Champion in in their Round 3 match, a ‘high note’ to conclude the first weekend of the online tournament directed by Devin Fraze and Jeff Zhang.

The board 1 game remained close throughout the long game, yet Tang steadily kept a half-point lead in the final 80 moves. Shuaiheng Tao 7D and Jimmy Creeks 6D are also contenders for the title with 2-1 records.

An additional 150 players watched the tournament online, where all 70 games are listed on one webpage.

VA Open’s final rounds resumed this weekend, Saturday, Oct. 16 (12p ET and 7p ET) and Sunday, Oct. 17 (12p ET)

Here are the division leaders after 3 rounds.

Open: Zhengbokang Tang 8D (3-0), Li Yi 7D (2-1)

Expert (1-4D): Evan Tan 3D (2-1), Cheuk To Tsui 4D (2-1)

Proficient(1-4K): Derek Zhou 1K (3-0), Massa Jin 3K (3-0)

Intermediate(5-9K): Jim Sandy 6K (2-1), Anna Zhou 9K (2-0)

Novice(10-19K): Chenchen Xiong 10K (2-1), Lucia Moscola 10K (2-1)

Report by the Capital Go Club.


Redmond on another historic game this Sunday

Saturday October 16, 2021

Tune in to the AGA’s Twitch channel at 8p ET Sunday night for Michael Redmond 9Ps latest live game commentary.
This week he’ll review a historical game between Honinbo Shuei (right) and Tamura Yasuhisa, who later was Honinbo Shusai (left), the last in the Iemoto system.
That’s 8p ET this Sunday, October 17 on the AGA’s Twitch channel.


Registration open for the Canadian Open Online 2021

Thursday October 14, 2021

The Canadian Go Association’s annual Canadian Open tournament will be held online from October 23-31st. Interested players of all levels worldwide are welcome to participate. “I hope to see many of our AGA friends join the tournament!” says TD Ron Mackenzie. All of the tournament information is available on the CGA website.

The tournament will feature an open division for 5d+ players with cash prizes. Other divisions will feature other prizes including those donated by sponsors. There will be six rounds run over 4 days, with rounds at 1PM and 5PM EST each day:
Saturday, Oct 23: Rounds 1 and 2
Sunday, Oct 24: Rounds 3 and 4
Saturday, Oct 30: Rounds 5 and 6
Sunday, Oct 31: Open division playoffs, Pair Go, and Blitz tournaments

Yoonyoung Kim 8p will provide two review periods for players to share their games with her for analysis, which will be broadcast on her twitch stream. Interested players may join the review sessions regardless of whether or not they are playing in the tournament. Ryan Li 3p will also be offering a lecture on the New York Institute of Go Youtube channel on October 23rd at 7:30PM EST, the topic of which will be a review of one of the games from the open division. 

The tournament will be run on OGS and use Baduk Club for coordinating matches. Specific details will updated on the tournament site and sent out to players a week in advance of the event. There have been a number of prizes donated by generous sponsors: the European Go Journal, Awesome Baduk, BenKyo Tutoring, Stoned on the Goban, Go Magic, the New York Institute of Go, and We-Go.

Regular registration is $20 and will close on October 17th. Registration between October 17th and October 22nd will be $25. Any questions after not answered on the tournament page may be sent to TD Ron Mackenzie at

-report by Ron Mackenzie


AGF College Scholarship Open

Tuesday October 12, 2021

Applications are now being accepted for the American Go Foundation(AGF) college scholarshipThe program  recognizes high school students who have served as important youth organizers and promoters for the go community. To apply, download and complete the application form here.  Applicants should describe their accomplishments and volunteer work in a short essay. Letters of recommendation may also be included. Applicants whose enthusiasm and ambition have helped spread go in under-served areas will be given special consideration. Strong players who spend much of their time voluntarily teaching will also be considered, although the award focuses on promoters and organizers who have made substantial contributions during their go career. Applications are due Nov. 5th this year. -Paul Barchilon, E-J Youth Editor.  


Registration Open for 2021 Youth League

Monday October 11, 2021

“Registration for the annual American Go Honor Society Youth League is now open,” says AGHS Vice President Katherine Xie, “We welcome all players who are citizens of the US, Canada, or Mexico and under the age of 18 to participate. Every month will consist of four to five rounds and players will be paired with opponents of similar strength using a ladder system. All games will be played in the AGHS Tournament room on KGS. Top players of each division will receive awards at the end of each monthly league.”

The registration and dropout deadline is November 1st, 2021, at 11:59 pm PT. The first round will start on November 6th. If you have any questions, feel free to email

For rules and regulations, click here.
To register, click here.


Capital Go Club looks at recent history of top players in Virginia in preparation for state championship

Sunday October 3, 2021

“Who won the most Virginia “Major Titles” from 2007-2020?” asks Jeff Zhang 5d. After identifying “major titles” as the Cherry Blossom, Lunar New Year, Pumpkin Classic, VA Open tournaments, the Capital Go Club searched the online EJournal archives for the past 13 years and the top four achievers are: Eric Lui 2P (11 major title wins), Daniel Chou 6d (8 wins, 2 runner-ups), Justin Teng 6d (3 wins, 7 runner-ups) and Joshua Lee 6d (3 wins, 4 runner-ups). “Big applause to the Top Four players!” says chapter representative Edward Zhang 6D (1 win, 3 runner-ups). “Meanwhile we welcome a new generation of players to take over Virginia.”

The next major Virginia tournament will be the 10th VA Open, taking place on OGS on Saturday October 9th. Last year, nearly 100 players competed. Click here to register. For more tournament winners history, visit the Washington Go Festival site.

-report by Jeff Zhang 5D

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North Carolina State Championship and Memorial Go Tournament

Sunday October 3, 2021

The North Carolina State Championship and 20th Annual Memorial Go Tournament was held on September 25 and 26, 2021, at Umstead State Park in North Raleigh. A total of 42 Go enthusiasts from North Carolina, Tennessee, New Jersey, New York, Delaware and Illinois participated. “We were especially impressed by and appreciated the presence of Richard Hugh, a 93 year young Go player who played well and lifted everyone’s spirits,” says Bob Bacon. “He was the unofficial champion of the tournament.”

The games took place in an open air shelter in a beautiful park setting. Masks and hand sanitizer were provided and their use encouraged. All participants were required to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19. Lunch was provided both days courtesy of the Triangle Go Group. Jeff Kuang directed, and trophies and cash prizes were awarded in five sections, topped by a very competitive open section. “The previous NC State Champion, Chen An, was unable to compete due to academic demands,” says Bacon, “but he visited Sunday and played an exciting game against the new State Champion. Well over half of the participants were dan level, which was unusual for our gatherings but extremely enjoyable!”

Section D, with players 9 kyu and lower was won by Bhaskar Bharath and Russell Herman, who tied for top honors. Justin Su came in second. Section C, 6 kyu to 8 kyu, saw Bob Bacon in first, and Tom Roncoli second. Section B, 1 kyu to 5 kyu, was won by Stephen Choung, followed closely by Robert Qi in second place. Section A, 3 dan to 1 dan, enjoyed great competition and the victory of young Huo Sheng. Second place was a tie between veterans Nianci Gan and Suyoung Yoon.

Finally, in the Open Section, 7 dan to 4 dan, Yi Li, an undergraduate student at Duke University, handily won the section and became the new North Carolina State Champion. Second place was secured by Alexander Qi.

“Thank you to all participants and especially to Adam and Arlene Bridges who coordinated and provided the lunch fares,” continues Bacon. “Another outstanding year!”

-report and photos by Bob Bacon


PrideGo Open Tournament: AGF scholarship fundraiser

Friday October 1, 2021

The first PrideGo Open tournament will take place on October 10th, in observance of LGBT History Month. Live coverage of the tournament will be broadcast on the official AGA Twitch channel, where Eva-Dee Beech (Gooplet) will host three commentators – Vadim Efimenko from Go Magic, Sathya Singh a.k.a. LionGuySai, and Dwyrin.

Artem Kachinovskyi 2p from the European Go Journal is sponsoring the tournament; prizes for top places will be digital subscriptions to the Journal – 6, 4, and 2 months, respectively. The tournament is free to play in, and all participants will be eligible for prizes. Registration for the tournament will be open until October 7th.

Tournament directors will use Devin Fraze’s tools for pairings. Time controls are 45 minutes main time plus 5 periods of 30-second byo-yomi.

Over twenty players are already registered to play, including Twitch Go streamers TelegraphGo and thelovingsun who will live-stream their participation.

Donations will be accepted during the broadcast to benefit the AGF’s new PrideGo initiative – a scholarship program for young members of LGBT+ communities to attend Go Congress. Details about the program can be found at the PrideGo website: The PrideGo project is spearheaded by Eva-Dee Beech, under the AGA Committee for Diversity and Inclusion. Questions about the program, eligibility, contributions, and volunteering can be sent to her at