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Capital Go Club looks at recent history of top players in Virginia in preparation for state championship

Sunday October 3, 2021

“Who won the most Virginia “Major Titles” from 2007-2020?” asks Jeff Zhang 5d. After identifying “major titles” as the Cherry Blossom, Lunar New Year, Pumpkin Classic, VA Open tournaments, the Capital Go Club searched the online EJournal archives for the past 13 years and the top four achievers are: Eric Lui 2P (11 major title wins), Daniel Chou 6d (8 wins, 2 runner-ups), Justin Teng 6d (3 wins, 7 runner-ups) and Joshua Lee 6d (3 wins, 4 runner-ups). “Big applause to the Top Four players!” says chapter representative Edward Zhang 6D (1 win, 3 runner-ups). “Meanwhile we welcome a new generation of players to take over Virginia.”

The next major Virginia tournament will be the 10th VA Open, taking place on OGS on Saturday October 9th. Last year, nearly 100 players competed. Click here to register. For more tournament winners history, visit the Washington Go Festival site.

-report by Jeff Zhang 5D

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