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Ryan Li 3P to duel with Kevin Yang on Friday in Lanke Cup N.A. Prelim Final 

Wednesday October 12, 2022

Ryan Li 3P (2-1) and Kevin Yang 1P (2-0) will duel in the N.A. prelim final for the Quzhou Lanke Cup World Go Championship this Friday, October 14 at 8pm EDT (5pm PT) via (OGS). The prelim utilizes a double-elimination format and the finalists have previously competed with Eric Lui 2P (1-2) and Alex Qi 1P (0-2).

Round 1 (9/16 & 17)
Li (OGS ID: CrazyWind) def. Qi (OGS ID: alexqi2008)  Game Record

Yang (Keviny2007) def. Lui (FedExpress)  Game Record

Round 2 (9/23 & 25)
Yang def. Li Game Record
Lui def. Qi Game Record

Round 3 (10/2)
Li def. Lui Game Record

The North American Go Federation (NAGF) has assigned proctors in New York and California to ensure fair play on OGS (see also AGA’s FairPlay policy). Hajin Lee 1P is the Executive Director.

Known as the birthplace of go culture, Quzhou City is 230 miles southwest of Shanghai. As early as the Eastern Jin Dynasty (317 – 420), there was a story about Wang Zhi, a woodcutter, playing go with an immortal in Lanke Mountain. This is the earliest written record of the origin of go in China. In addition, Quzhou has beautiful natural scenery including mountains, karst caves and bamboo sea, and the descendants of Confucius once lived here to spread Confucian culture.

The prize pool for the Lanke Cup is $583,000 and the 1st-5th round players earn $4300, $7100, $14,300, $28,600, $86,000 and $257,000 (champion).

Report by Capital Go Club; photo credit: and Chinese Weiqi Association
NOTE (10/13): The match time has been updated to 8p ET (5p PT).

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