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SmartGo One: new SmartGo for iPhone and iPad releases today

Thursday April 7, 2022

Five years in the making, the all-new version of SmartGo for iPhone and iPad will be released today. SmartGo One includes an improved user interface, more features, better integration, and stronger computer play. “One app for all your go needs,” says creator Anders Kierulf. “Whether you want to learn the game, play against the computer, solve problems, or read go books, it’s all there.” SmartGo One is “is SmartGo Kifu and Go Books rolled into one, and taken to the next level.”

Kierulf says every part of SmartGo has been improved, including:
• Stronger computer play, based on KataGo, and thus much stronger than previous versions of SmartGo.
• Better problem solving: problem solving flow is much better, with improved statistics, and you can add additional problem collections.
• File management: Folders, game collections, sync using iCloud Drive, open ZIP files, and more.
• Additional features include dark mode, syncing, books, player biographies and easy board rotation.
Click here for a full comparison. 

The books from Go Books are all integrated into SmartGo One, so if you bought books in Go Books, you can read those in SmartGo One.

SmartGo One is a free download, and all the game recording and organizing features are available for free, as is computer play up to 13×13. Advanced features, computer play on 19×19, and updates to the complete GoGoD collection (current 114,000+ game records and 4,400 mini-biographies) are available via a modest $12/year subscription (with a 14-day free trial). To get a full month free, use this link.

Kierulf also notes that a Mac version of SmartGo One is in the works.