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Michael Redmond live commentary Sunday: Jowa vs. Yonezo

Saturday April 9, 2022

Tune in on the AGA’s Twitch channel this Sunday, April 10 at 7p ET for another live game commentary by Michael Redmond 9P, hosted by E-Journal Managing Editor Chris Garlock. Redmond will be reviewing a game between Honinbo Jowa and Shinomiya Yonezo.

Honinbo Jowa (1787-1847), the 12th head of the Honinbo house, became MeijinGodokoro in 1831. He has been noted for his extremely strong playing strength, murky origins, and infamous intrigues. Shinomiya Yonezo (1769-1835), a self-taught go hustler, played a famous jubango against Honinbo Jowa.