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Your Move/Readers Write: More on woman power in Japanese Go

Thursday May 6, 2021

“Regarding the Power Report for May 3, there are other indicators of ‘woman power’ in Japanese go,” writes Roy Schmidt (in response to The Power Report: Woman power hits Japanese go). “The Ki-in’s weekly educational program on NHK-TV, ‘Go Focus,’ flipped format a few weeks ago. For years, the format has been a 7 or 8 dan men’s pro assisted by a low-ranking women’s pro.  During problem analysis, the woman’s role was to ask naïve questions on behalf of the TV audience and to express surprise when the man revealed a clever solution. But now the analysis is provided by a woman, Ueno Women’s Kisei, and the junior role is filled by a man. In another segment of the show, Hei Jiajia is serializing an introduction to the game, starting with the basic rules. Two weeks ago, the focus segment featured a woman manga artist (face obscured) working on a new series about teen-age go players, and this past Sunday the topic was go-related You-tubers including Fujisawa Rina.”