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Redmond’s Reviews, Episode 16: Michael Redmond 9P vs Otake Hideo 9P

Friday December 27, 2019

Grab an extra-large bucket of popcorn and tune in to the AGA’s YouTube Channel at 6p today when Redmond’s Reviews Episode 16, with Chris Garlock and Michael Redmond 9p is released.

In this 90-minute episode, Michael reviews his game with Otake Hideo 9P. This game was played in August 2019, just a week after the RR #15 game against Ishida Yoshio that started Redmond’s winning streak. The game was in a different tournament than the Ishida game — this one is from the Oza — but Redmond once again has white, plays the star points and the opening is similar to the game against Ishida. Things take a few different turns in this game, and Redmond provides a detailed and entertaining commentary.
In his prime, Otake held a number of titles, including the Meijin. “He said he didn’t like to get too busy,” so Otake never held multiple titles, Redmond says. Otake plays “a very natural style and tends to play for thickness, but he can play any kind of game.”

“Great to see one of Michael’s games, and congratulations on the nailbiting win!” commented Rory Mitchell on RR #15. “Interesting background on how computer analyses are being used by pros and amateurs alike nowadays.” Quang Nguyen said that “I subscribed to this channel for Redmond’s brilliant analyzing, seeing him analyzing himself makes me understand better how to make more of my games and how to improve.” Tolux303 added “Early Christmas with this many Redmond vids!”

Video produced by Stephen Hu, Allen Moy, Chris Garlock and Andrew Jackson.