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Haskell Small tops NGC Winter Warmer

Tuesday December 24, 2019

The last tournament of NGC’s 2019 calendar — the Winter Warmer Tournament on December 14 — was won by Haskell (Hal) Small 1K, whose 3-1 score topped the field of 19 players. Everyone with at least two wins was able to choose a Go book as a prize, and all were encouraged to study hard and be ready for even fiercer competition at the Lunar New Year tourney in February. Peter Schumer (pictured) came down from Vermont just for the tournament and his first visit to the NGC. “A fun surprise for all who know Peter!” said NGC Executive Director Gurujeet Khalsa.

Other winners: Qingbo Zhang 5D, Edward (Zhiyuan) Zhang 5D, Patrick Sun 4K, Barreal Anderson 6K, Derek Zhou 7K, Ed Caldeira 8K, Marion Edey 9K, Garrett Smith 10K, Tonya Perez-Lopez 17K, and Laurie Ensworth 19K.