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Sophia Wang & Alan Huang win 2018 US Pair Go Championship

Friday July 27, 2018

Thursday evening at the US Go Congress means that time for Pair Go. This year, 36 pairs gathered in the Sadler Center to 2018.07.28 Pair Go kids2018.07.28 PairGo winnerscompete in this popular tournament. Sophia Wang 3d and Alan Huang 7d won the Open Section and will represent the United States in the 2018 International Amateur Pair Go Championship in Tokyo during the first weekend of December.

Open Section:
1st – Sophia Wang 3d and Alan Huang 7d (left)2nd – Melissa Cao 4d and Jeremy Chiu 7d; 3rd – Tina Li 3d and Justin Teng 6d; 4th – Sophia Wang 3k and Fred Bao 4d
Table Winners: Yoonyoung Kim 4p and Diego Pierrottet 4k; Seowoo Wang 2d and Nhat Minh Vo 5d; Cathy Liao 10k and Michael Chen 7d; Vivie Truong 5k and Bill Gundberg 2k; Yoko Ohashi 6k and Mark Fraser 6k; Bethany Nyborg 18k and Keith Arnold 4d; Vidie Pong 12k and John Uckele 4k; Tonya Perez-Lopez 20k and Tevis Tsai 6k.
Report by Pair Go TD Todd Heidenreich; photos by (left) Dennis Wheeler and Phil Straus