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New York City wins 2018 Pandanet AGA City League

Monday July 23, 2018

New York City swept Greater Washington 3-0 in the Pandanet City League finals on Saturday, July 21st at the 34th US Go 2018.07.23 PandanetCityLeague-winnersCongress in Williamsburg, VA. Both teams ended the sixth year of the League with the same score of wins, losses, ties, and board points. Five of the six players are professionals, three of them AGA pros (Ryan Li, Andy Liu and Eric Lui), while two (Tim Song and Stephanie Yin) are Chinese pros.

The players for each board in the final — NYC on the left) were Ryan Li 1p (W) vs Tim Song 1p (B), Andy Liu 1p (B) vs Eric Lui 1p (B) and Stephanie Yin 1p (B) vs Yuan Zhou 7d (W).

Photos of all of the players can be found on the AGA Facebook page. Commentary by Eodeokdung Lee 2p of KBA, and hosted by Stephen Hu of AGA video broadcasting team which can be found below. photo: Liu, Yin and Li with City League TD Steve Colburn.