American Go E-Journal

New Congress app proving popular

Wednesday July 25, 2018

With “It’s in the app” the answer to virtually every question at this year’s US Go Congress – from the schedule of events to U.S.2018.07.24 adult-youth-social Open pairings, announcements, campus maps, pro bios and more – it’s no surprise that the first-ever Congress app has been generating impressive stats. Overall app views blew past 20,000 on Tuesday afternoon, and almost 300 people have been using it each day. The social feed, which enables any user to post photos and comments — and where the E-Journal team has been posting a constant stream of updated Congress news — is by far the most-used, with over 5,000 views, and the schedule is next, with nearly 3,500. The app, which replaces the traditional printed booklet, “has turned out to be even more useful than we thought, surpassing all expectations,” said app creator Gurujeet Khalsa.