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Go Congress broadcasts reaching new audience heights

Monday July 23, 2018

The E-Journal’s US Go Congress broadcast coverage is achieving unprecedented audience levels this year, thanks to, 2018.07.24_FB_IMG_1532376461324which hosted their first official “Twitch Plays Go” event three months ago. All Go Congress broadcasts this week are being featured on the Twitch front page, and Saturday’s Pandanet City League final stream saw a total of more than 2,000 viewers, who witnessed an exciting 300+ move battle with a 2018.07.24_FB_IMG_1532376526014half-point finish. The EJ broadcast crew includes Stephen Hu, Nathan Epstein and Joel Cahalan, along with commentators (see below).

Live broadcasts of pro commentaries and interviews can be found on the official AGA Twitch channel, and abridged version of the recordings are posted daily in the 2018 US Go Congress YouTube playlist, which includes:
Pandanet-AGA City League Finals Board 1, Ryan Li 1p (W) vs Zirui Song 1p (B), commentary by Eodeokdung Lee 2p
US Masters Round 1, Andy Liu 1p (W) vs Zirui Song 1p (B), commentary by Stephanie Yin 1p
Redmond Cup Finals Game 1, Jeremy Chiu 7d (W) vs Aaron Ye 7d (B), commentary by Eric Lui 1p
US Masters Round 2, Alan Huang 7d (W) vs Eric Lui 1p (B), commentary by Stephanie Yin 1p
Interview with Nate Eagle, US Go Congress co-director.
photo source: Eodeokdung Lee 2p