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David Cho and Moonhun Oh outlast the field in Seniors Tournament

Friday July 27, 2018

The Seniors Tournament featured tough competition in both the Dan and Kyu divisions. “Special shout out to Motoyoshi Makino2018.07.28 David Cho-right 2018.07.28 Moonhun Ohfor being able to defeat champion David Cho,” said TD Greg Kulevich. Makino defeated Cho in the final round, but Cho’s score on tiebreaks prevailed to make him the Dan champion. In the Kyu division, Moonhun Oh was the only undefeated in the end, making him champion of that division. Steffen Kurz won the sportsmanship prize. Shunichi Hyodo (4-1) was second in the Dan division and David Frankel (4-1) was third. Pete Schumer (4-1) took second in the Kyu division and Jim Pickett (4-1) was third.
– report/photos by Matt Burrall; (right) Motoyoshi Makino vs David Cho; (left): Moonhun Oh