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Your Move/Readers Write: How to grow a go community?

Wednesday August 30, 2017

How to grow a go community? For the last couple months, I had been hosting a regular club on sundays to try and establish a go community in Wichita,” writes Billy Bloomquist. “I have a made a group on Facebook to try and publicize it, and so far I do have a few people I have taught and that have been continuing to play, so that’s great. However, I am reaching out to see if I could get any tips on how to expand this kind of thing/keep it visible in a place where hardly anyone knows of the game. A good list of learning materials for people starting from scratch could be helpful as well, just anything you think could be useful for me to invest in. I’d love to see it grow in popularity here in Kansas, and am willing to continue putting in whatever effort I can at least here in my city.”
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