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Go Spotting: AMC’s “Humans”

Tuesday February 28, 2017

The second season of AMC’s science fiction series, Humans, features go in its second episode, reports Alicia Seifrid. The 2017.02.28_HumansGoBoardaward-winning television drama explores the social and psychological impact of anthropomorphic robots having their own free will. In the episode, artificial intelligence scientist, Dr. Athena Morrow, finds Silicon Valley billionaire, Milo Khoury, finishing up a game of go with the son of one of his colleagues. As a part of their discussion while Dr. Morrow helps him to clear away the stones, Milo notes that, “there are more possible moves in go than there are atoms in the observable universe; just a bunch of little stones on a piece of wood. People like you and me, we need facts like that to remind us of our own insignificance.” The series currently airs on Sundays at 10p ET on AMC.
Thanks to Paul Wiegand and Gordon Castanza for flagging this as well.
– Brian Kirby

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