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Matthew Cheng 4d Tops Bay Area Fall Tourney

Saturday October 15, 2016

Matthew Cheng 4d topped a field of 27 players at the Bay Area Go Player’s Fall tournament, held in Berkeley Oct. 8.  In the2016.10.15_Bay-Area-tourney 7k+ division second place was Colin Grant 10k and first place was Jeremy Wang 16k.  In the 1k-6k division second place was Yunyen Lee 2k and first place was Roger Schrag 4k.  In the 1d-3d division second place was Hezheng Yin 1d and first place was Jay Chan 1d.  In the 4d-7d division second place was Daniel Liu 6d and first place was Matthew Cheng 4d.
– report/photo by Steve Burrall; photo: On the top board Naoyuki Kai 7d (right) faces off against Daniel Liu 6d (left).

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