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Yang Shuang 2P Visits DC-Area Go Clubs

Tuesday April 24, 2012

Chinese Pro Yang Shuang 2P was in the metro Washington DC area last week visiting both the NOVA Go Club in Arlington,VA and the Greater Washington Go Club (GWGC) in Bethesda MD.“Ms. Yang received a warm welcome by AGA President Allan Abramson and club regulars” at the NOVA Go Club on April 16 reports Daniel Chou. “She graciously offered to play simuls with enthusiastic attendees led by Joshua Lee 6D and Haskell Small 4D,” followed by game analysis. The GWGC visit on April 20 “was a great success,” adds Haskell Small. “There were ten players in the simul, a number of others observing, and GWGC was rocking!” Ms. Yang plans to visit the Feng Yun Go School in New Jersey later this month.
photo by Jie Li

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