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Nihon Ki-in Representative To Seattle Go Center Resigns

Tuesday March 13, 2012

Frank Fukuda has tendered his resignation, effective immediately, as the Nihon Ki-in’s representative to the Seattle Go Center, a responsibility he accepted in 1995 as a condition for the Nihon Ki-in to create the Go Center.  Mr. Fukuda’s resignation comes on the heels of an official letter from the Nihon Ki-in to the Seattle Go Center indicating their intention to sell the Go Center premises in the near future.  The Seattle Go Center Board of Directors is currently determining how to respond to this notice.

 Andrew Gross, Chairman of the Board of the Go Center, said “The Board of Directors wishes to express our deepest gratitude to Mr. Fukuda, whose name is synonymous not only with the Seattle Go Center, but with the broader Seattle area Go community.  His dedication and commitment to spreading the joy of Go through teaching, community outreach, and organized competitive play has laid an unshakable foundation which will support the Seattle Go Center into the next decade and beyond.  We are grateful that Mr. Fukuda has indicated that his resigning as representative of the Nihon Ki-in will not prevent his continued involvement with the Go Center.”   photo by Brian Allen: Frank Fukuda at Bunka no Hi Culture Day, Seattle

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