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Euro Go Updates: March 10-18

Sunday March 18, 2012

Cyprus: Dimitris Regginos 1d won the Friendship Go Tournament, held March 17-18 in Nicosia, Cyprus. In second was Argyris Fellas 1k, and third was Phedias Christodoulides 3k. Click here for results.

Croatia: The 443th Velika Gorica weekend-go-tournament, played on 3/17 in Velika Gorica, Croatia, was won by Robert Jovicic 2k, in second was Mladen Smud 1k, and third was Mirko Primetica 10k. Click here for results. The first mini Tournament Karlovac 2012, played on 3/10 in Karlovac, Croatia, was won by Mladen Smud 1k; second was Lovro Furjanic 1d, and third was Vladimir Ribicic 20k. Result table .

Slovenia: Kyu turnir, played on 3/17 in Kranj, Slovenia, was won by Peter Gaber 1k; in second was Borut Zaplotnik 1k and third was Dusan Marcetic 5k. Result table .

European Go Congress 2012 update March: The Youth Hostel Bonn has now decided to allow booking of rooms for Go players until April 16th.There are mainly rooms with four beds still available in the Youth Hostel, that can be booked via the accommodation page on the website.

Hungary: The Kondor Dragon Cup Group 3 tournament, played on 3/11 in Budapest, Hungary, was won by Bulcsu Fajszi 15k; second was Csongor Sebestyen Katona 15k, and third was Miklos Csizmadia 15k. Result table . The Kondor Dragon Cup Group 4 tournament, played on 3/11 in Budapest, Hungary, was won by David Fazekas 20k; second was Nikoletta Toth 20k, and third was Aniko Tothne Temesvari 20k. Result table . Kondor Dragon Cup Group 2 tournament, played on 3/11 in Budapest, Hungary, was won by Laszlo Boviz 9k; second was Csaba Katona 12k, and third was Janos Fiala 12k. Result table . Kondor Dragon Cup Group 1 tournament, played on 3/11 in Budapest, Hungary, was won by Dominik Boviz 1d; second was Renato Tolgyesi 2k, and third was Domonkos Albrecht 1d. Result table .

Romania: The CSRB Club tournament, played on 3/10 in Bucuresti, Romania, was won by Sergiu Dan Iugulescu 2d; second was Constantin Ghioc 5d (photo at left), and third was Rares Ghioc 3k. Result table . The Drobeta Tr. Severin- Romanian Cup- local competition, played from 3/3 to 3/4 in Drobeta Tr. Severin, Romania, was won by Irina Stefania Ionica 9k; second was Vasile Grecu 15k, and third was Cosmin Tutunaru 11k. Result table .

United Kingdom: The Trigantius, played on 3/10 in Cambridge, United Kingdom, was won by Andrew Simons 3d; second was Alex Rix 3d, and third was Jon Diamond 4d.
( photo Francis Roads 2d place 4 of 51 ) Result table .

Turkey: The 7. Hacettepe Go Tournament, played from 3/10 to 3/11 in Ankara, Turkey, was won by Ozgur Degirmenci 2d; second was Bertan Bilen 2d, and third was Giray Erdi 1d. Result table .

Serbia: The Radnicki Club Tournament, played on 3/10 in Kragujevac, Serbia, was won by Lazar Manojlovic 5d; second was Zoran Jankovic 4d, and third was Misa Alimpic 3d. Result table .

Germany: The Berliner Winterturnier 2012, played on 3/10 in Berlin, Germany, was won by Tobias Wahl 4k; second was Timon Dohnke 20k (photo at right), and third was Daniel Krause 1k. Result table .
– excerpted from reports on; edited by Wayne Schmittberger

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