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Seattle Go Center Celebrates 16th Anniversary with Go, Music, Food & More

Monday September 26, 2011

To mark their 16th anniversary, the Seattle Go Center had a party on Sept. 10, and a tournament on Sept 17.  About 40 people came to the party, which featured sushi, fresh bread from longtime local organizer Chris Kirschner, a go game cake by Vicki Wheeler, a silent auction, and a mesmerizing koto concert by Shiho Kurauchi and Chiyusa Kitai. All the music had been composed since 1970.  The next Saturday, 12 players competed in three sections.  Both dan winners were new arrivals to Seattle. First place went to Yu Zhou, a high school student from China playing his first AGA games,  while Daniel Poore from Washington D.C. placed 2nd.  The upper kyu section was won by Brian Allen, with Frank Brown 2nd.  The lower kyu section was won by youth player Josh Hall, with Anne Thompson 2nd.  Photo/report by Brian Allen

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