American Go E-Journal

New Tools For Teachers

Monday November 24, 2008

A set of 200 Go Puzzles for Beginners, Oliver Richman’s River Mountain Go Curriculum and Go For Kids author Milton Bradley’s new Improve Fast In Go website are among several new materials The American Go Foundation is making available to go teachers on the AGA’s Methods page, where numerous other curricula and materials are already available. The AGF recently learned of the existence of the Go Puzzles, developed by Paul Smith for the British Go Association, which also publishes numerous materials for teachers. The new links expand the range of materials for use in a classroom or after-school setting. “The AGF is doing more than ever to support go in the classroom and in after-school settings,” says AGF Board member Roy Laird. “More than 70 active go teachers responded to our recent annual program survey, exactly double the number that responded last year. Among them they’re reaching a total of nearly 1000 new players this year. We hope these materials and other new AGF programs, like our new Teacher Store, will help them to do even more. They are leading the way to our next generation of players.” Photo: Six-year-olds play go on a hand-made go board at the Peninsula School, a progressive school in Menlo Park, CA; photo by Christopher Manning.