The US Championship

In various forms the AGA has held a national championship since 1959. The US Open currently acts as the championship tournament, and it is held annually at the US Go Congress. The US Open welcomes all comers, regardless of playing strength, age, gender or nationality, and is the largest tournament held in North America. The tournament is also used as the selection tournament to decide the AGA's representatives to the World Amateur Go Championship and the Korea Prime Minister Cup.

The US Open was preceded by the US Championship, which split into East Coast and West Coast tournaments; the winners would play to determine the national champion. When the US Go Congress became a national-scale event, the US Open was held as a separate five-round tournament over the final weekend of the Congress. In 1992, the US Open merged with the Congress championship and became a six-round championship tournament stretching over the entire week.


Year Winner
1959 Takao Matsuda (assigned)
1960 CS Shen
1961 CS Shen
1962 Takao Matsuda
1963 Takao Matsuda
1964 Takao Matsuda
1965 Takao Matsuda
1966 Takao Matsuda
1967 Matsumoto
1968 Takao Matsuda
1969 Young Kwon
1970 Takao Matsuda
1971 Takao Matsuda
1972 Takao Matsuda
1973 Takao Matsuda
1974 Takao Matsuda
1975 Takao Matsuda
1976 Kyung Kim
1977 Kyung Kim
1978 Shin Kang
1979 Kyung Kim
1980 Kyung Kim
1981 Charles Huh
1982 Zhong Tai Yan
1983 Guk Suk Han
1984 Sang Mo Suh
1985 Ho Suk Yi
1986 Ji Young Yoo
1987 Chuang Zhuan Yu
1988 Hong Soo Shin
1989 Paul Hu
1990 Jung Ho Lim
1991 Si Yeon Li
1992 Woo Jin Kim
1993 John Lee
1994 Keun-Young Lee
1995 Danning Jiang
1996 Danning Jiang
1997 Thomas Hsiang
1998 Jie Li
1999 Danning Jiang
2000 Ted Ning
2001 Ge Yongfei
2002 Jung Hoon Lee
2003 Jie Li
2004 Jie Li
2005 Xuefen Lin
2006 Andy Liu
2007 Ge Yongfei
2008 Myungwan Kim
2009 Myungwan Kim
2010 Myungwan Kim
2011 Ge Yongfei