The Korea Prime Minister Cup

The Korea Prime Minister Cup (KPMC) initiated in 2006 brings top amateur players from around the world to Korea for a Swiss-style tournament. It is the world's second major amateur championship tournament. For the 6th KPMC over 60 countries sent representatives.

Selection Process

Each year, the AGA selects the top placing eligible player from the US Open as its representative to the KPMC. To be eligible for selection as KPMC representative players must comply with the AGA's policy on the selection of international representatives. Information about the AGA and International Go Federation's policies on drug screening can be found on the general tournament information page.

Past Representatives

Event Year Number of Players US Representative Final Standing
1st 2006 66 Eric Lui 9
2nd 2007 66 Lianzhou Yu 16
3rd 2008 68 Thomas Hsiang 6
4th 2009 69 Yuan Zhou 5
5th 2010 68 Jie Liang 4
6th 2011 70 Frederick Balwit 65