The World Students Go Oza Championship

The World Students Go Oza Championship is the de facto world tournament for university students. Japanese publisher Nikkei Newspaper sponsors this tournament, which brings representatives from universities in Asia, Europe and the Americas together for top-level competition and cultural exchange.

Selection Process

The North American representative to the World Students Go Oza Championship is selected through an online tournament held each year. To be eligible, players must:

  • Be an amateur player.
  • Be a university / college student under the age of 30.
  • Be able to use Pandanet to participate in the preliminaries.
  • Be able to communicate in English by email.
  • Be able to come to Japan to participate in the main championship.

American go players are governed by the AGA policy on the selection of international representatives, which requires US citizenship or permanent residency. Other go players must be simple residents of a North American country and members of their national go association. Foreign go players may also be subject to agreements between their national go association and the AGA (see posted AGA policy documents).

Selection Tournament Registration

For information about the selection tournament schedule for the Students Go Oza, see the tournament webpage.

Past Representatives

Event/th> Year North American Representative Final Standing
1st 2003 Jie Li 11
2nd 2004 Jie Li 9
3rd 2005 Yuan Zhou 13
4th 2006 Jie Li 2
5th 2007 Jin Chen 9
6th 2008 Eric Lui 12
7th 2009 Jie Li 2
8th 2010 Emil Garcia 14
9th 2011 Zhang Yue 12