Selection of International Representatives

From time to time, the AGA is invited to send representatives on behalf of the US or the North American region to international go tournaments. It is the policy of the AGA that international representatives be selected through a process that is fair, inclusive and transparent. Being selected as a representative is highly desirable, as international competition provides experiences and opportunities for top-level competition not available in domestic tournaments.


The following requirements must be met prior to the selection tournament for international representatives:

  • US citizenship or permanent residency (“Green Card”) status
  • US physical residency of at least six of the last 12 months
  • Full, youth, sponsor, sustaining, life or promotional membership for the last 12 months
  • Compliance with all foreign host or sponsor-specific requirements

Non-citizen players may compete in selection tournaments that are otherwise open to all competitors (e.g. the US Open and the US Youth Go Championship), but may not retroactively claim eligibility if citizenship is obtained later.

Please see the AGA's policy on the selection of international representatives for complete details.

Selection Tournaments

Some or all of the games required for AGA selection tournaments may be played online. In recent years many events have been played on the Kiseido Go Server (KGS), although AGA adopts a policy of neutrality that allows events to be organized on any system. For players unfamiliar with KGS, we have prepared a brief tutorial.

Drug Testing

As part of the effort to make go an Olympic event, the International Go Federation (IGF) has adopted an anti-doping policy. This policy affects players in IGF-sponsored events, such as the World Amateur Go Championship and Korean Prime Minister's Cup. Please read and understand the following drug policies:

Note that certain prescription drugs (e.g., for hypertension, ADD, allergies or steroids for injuries) are classified as prohibited substances. Players should consult with their doctors to determine if a "Therapeutic Use Exemption" is required.


  • Please ensure that the AGA has accurate contact, citizenship, and residency information on record. Players who cannot be contacted in a timely fashion may lose their invitations to invitational tournaments and/or international competition.
  • Players selected as international representatives should bear in mind that they represent both the AGA and their country. Representatives should conduct themselves in an appropriate fashion when interacting with the players and officials of other countries.

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