Ing Cup Qualification History

2020 Ing Cup Qualifications

To represent America in the 13th Ing Cup, all professional players with citizenships in an American country were invited to join the qualification tournament. Four players - Andy Liu, Ryan Li, Eric Lui, and Huiren Yang - participated. The qualification tournament took a single elimination, and played both online with proctors and offline. The matches were played under the AGA rules, and players had 1 hour, 1 minute 5 times time limit. Chief referee of the qualification was the AGA TD, Jeff Shaevel.

Game Rules: AGA
Time Limit: 1 hour 5x1minute byo-yomi
Chief Referee: Jeff Shaevel, AGA National Tournament Coordinator
Venue: KGS / AGA Tournament Room

Semi-Final 1
Players: Huiren Yang (W) vs. Eric Lui (B)
Date: Jan 5, 2 PM (US Eastern Time)
Result: Black + Resignation

Semi-Final 2
Players: Andy Liu (W) vs. Ryan Li (B)
Date: Jan 6, 7 PM
Venue: New York City
Result: Black + 4.5 points

Players: Eric Lui (B) vs. Ryan Li (W)
Date: Jan 10, 2 PM (US Eastern Time)
Result: White + Resignation