Go Teacher Resource Page

Welcome to the AGA's Go Teacher Resource page! If you don't know of any players in your area, we want to help you find them, bring more people into the game and organize a local community of players. If you're lucky enough to have a club, chapter or player group nearby, we want to help it grow. With time and persistence, and the materials and advice below, you can do it!

Promotional and Organization: Outreach is the key to growth. Here are some attention-getting posters, sample presentations and other materials for download and printout to help you.

Methods and Materials: You may want to start a study group, or teach a class at the local library, school or community center. These course outlines, how-to articles, and other downloads will give you some ideas.

Material and Financial Support: Equipment and grants to teach go to children are available from the American Go Foundation.

Make Your Own Demo Board! American Go Foundation 2008 Teacher of the Year Vincent Eisman shows how anyone with a straightedge and a few everyday items can solve every go teacher's most vexing equipment problem.

Notable Quotes: Great people have said great things about the world's greatest game. Post them at the club; use them to spice up a press release for your next event; or just enjoy!

Special Events for Kids and Teens: The AGA offers a special summer go camp, reduced rates at the US Go Congress, and other resources for children who are interested in go.

Youth Site: The Internet can be a scary place for a kid; that's why The AGF operates and moderates Tigersmouth.org, a safe place for young people to learn, play and make friends online.

Subscribe to Sensei: The AGF publishes a newsletter for Go teachers, you can subscribe by e-mailing mail@agfgo.org.

Starting A Go Club From Scratch: Evan Behre takes you through step by step.