Chunlan Cup Qualification History

2020 Chunlan Cup Qualifications

To represent North America in the 13th Chunlan Cup, all professional players with citizenships in a North American country were invited to join the qualification tournament. Three players - Andy Liu, Ryan Li, and Huiren Yang - participated. The qualification tournament took a single elimination, and played both online with proctors and offline.

Game Rules: AGA
Time Limit: 1 hour 5x1minute byo-yomi
Chief Referee: Jeff Shaevel, AGA National Tournament Coordinator
Venue: KGS / AGA Tournament Room

Semi-Final 1
Players: Huiren Yang (W) vs. Ryan Li (B)
Date: Jan 9, 9 PM (US Eastern Time)
Result: Black + Resignation

Players: Andy Liu (W) vs. Ryan Li (B)
Date: Jan 17
Result: Black + Resignation