AGA State Championship System

System summary

The AGA sanctions AND PROVIDES FINANCIAL SUPPORT for State Championships that will be national recognized as having been organized and executed to high-quality standards, which will be set in consultation with the chapters. The purpose of the championships is to promote competition, regardless of the strength of players involved. We have confidence that stronger players who may not have been interested previously will wish to compete for the title in following years, and this will create more competitive interest at all levels.

The overall system is administered by an AGA State Championship Coordinator who can be reached at

Organize a championship in your state!

Chapters within a State should select a State Championship Coordinator, who will work with the AGA Coordinator to ensure that the established standards are met. We hope that such selections will be unanimously approved, but there are State Coordinator Election Standards with voting rules for cases in which the selection is contested. Based on interest and volume of players, states may join into a region rather than have individual State championships. A State may also split into two regions with the approval of the AGA Coordinator. The final championship match to declare the overall State Champion may then be played by internet.

Any chapter interested in organizing a state championship should contact us at least 6 weeks before the intended tournament date with an APPLICATION. The AGA provides $200 of financial assistance to help you get this started. Contact the State Championship Coordinator for more information and to submit an application to start your annual State Championship.

Upcoming championships:

State Location Dates Organizer Contact
Utah Salt Lake City December 3 Jarrett Wheatley,
Massachusetts Cambridge January 7 - 8, 2023 Nick Bonner (440-989-0444)

Past State Championships:

State Dates Organizer Champion
Pennsylvania April 2018 Jason Mcibbon Ethan Wang 7d
North Carolina September 2018 Jeff Kuang Chen An 7d
Vermont October 2018 Pete Schumer David Felcan 2d
California November 2018 Ted Terpstra Calvin Sun 1P
New Mexico November 2018 Robert Cordingly Billy Maier 3k
Texas February 2019 Bart Jacob Zhao Zhixun 7d
Oregon September 2019 Roy Schmidt Robert Tirak 5d
Vermont October 2019 Pete Schumer Rich Chalmers 1d
North Carolina October 2019 Jeff Kuang Chen An 7d
Vermont October 2019 Richard Chalmers 1d
Massachusetts November 2019 Martha Marteney Xu Yilin 7d
Virginia November 2019 Edward Zhang Joshua Lee 6d
California November 2019 Ted Terpstra Evan Lin 7d
Texas February 2020 Bart Jacob Yifan Ding 7d
Vermont October 2018 Pete Schumer Rich Chalmers 1d
California November 2020 Ted Terpstra Bo Luan 6d
Virginia December 2020 Gary Smith Edward Zhang 5d
Texas February 2021 Bart Jacob Zhao Zhixun 7d
California November 2021 Ted Terpstra Kevin Charles Yang 7d
Texas February 2022 Bart Jacob Juanshu Lan 4d
Michigan May 2022 Daniel ML Mani Sanford 3d
California November 2022 Ted Terpstra Yifan Qu 6d
New Mexico November 2022 Robert Cordingly Jake Game 5d
Washington November 2022 Kyle Burg Sung-Yen Liu 5d
Oregon November 2022 Patrick Easley Maxwell Chen 5d