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MEMBER’S EDITION BONUS CONTENT: Today’s game commentary comes from the recent European Go Oza in Amsterdam. Alexandre Dinerchtein 3P reviews the February 1 game between Frank Janssen 6d of the Netherlands and Cristian Pop 7d of Romania, two of the strongest players in Europe. The bonus file today is a sneak peek at “MasterPlay: Lee Changho,” just out from Slate and Shell Non-members: join the American Go Association and get all this great content with every EJ! It’s all just a click away!



February 18, 2008; Volume 9, #9

JUNG HOON LEE WINS ROCKY MOUNTAIN OPEN: Jung Hoon Lee 8d won the February 16 Rocky Mountain Open, topping a 56-player field that included 19 kids. Winner’s Report: Open Section: 1st: Jung Hoon Lee 8d; 2nd: Daniel Ginsburg 7k; 3rd: Erwin Yu 5d; 4th: Andew Briscoe 2d; 5th: Aeones DeVeyra 3k; 6th: Katherine Lin 3k. Handicap Section: 1st: Thomas Creel 14k; 2nd: Amy Chen 17k. “Lee and Ginsburg went 4-0,” reports David Weiss, “and Creel went 4 -1, losing his only game in a jigo taking Black.” Photo by Paul Barchilon.

SHONEN JUMP DROPS HIKARU: Viz Media has announced the current issue of Shonen Jump will be the last appearance of Hikaru no Go. With a circulation of close to two million children and adults, the strip has helped youth go clubs flourish across the nation. "In a magazine jammed with fist-fueled fighting manga, Hikaru no Go has quietly carved out a place in readers' hearts," the editors at Shonen Jump state in a farewell message to the series. Nonetheless, the strip is being replaced by Slam Dunk, a manga about basket ball. It is not all bad news though, the series will continue coming out in graphic novel format, although it will be October before we see a release that will pick up the story line from where it ends in the April issue (which was released this week). Many manga series come out in graphic novel format only, and some of them are quite popular. Hopefully Hikaru will weather the transition and continue to attract new readers. No announcement was made regarding the streaming of the anime series on Toonami, which may well continue. In the four years that the series has run in Shonen Jump, AGA youth membership has nearly quadrupled, and the AGF has added over 200 new youth clubs in schools, libraries and community centers. The impact of Hikaru will be seen for many years to come and the go community will continue to benefit from our increased standing in the national consciousness of millions of children. Sayonara Hikaru, domo arigato!
- Paul Barchilon, Youth Editor

CONNECTING IN THE BAY AREA: The Bay Area Go Players Association – which became an AGA chapter on January 25 – is not a traditional go club with regular meeting hours, “but rather the glue that connects the more than one dozen go clubs in the San Francisco Bay Area,” Association President Roger Schrag tells the EJ. “Our events calendar and email newsletter keep go players in Northern California up to date on tournaments, professional player appearances, and other special activities of interest to go players. We also help clubs promote their events, and we run tournaments so that in 2008 there will be at least one AGA-rated go tournament each month in the San Francisco Bay Area.” Visit the Association’s website to keep up to date on upcoming events, find a local go club, or sign up for the free email newsletter.

PARIS TOURNEY BECKONS: Paris Go Tournament organizers have extended an invitation to U.S. players to participate in this year’s event, scheduled for March 22-24. The biggest open tournament in Europe, the Paris Go Tournament will bring together over 300 players from at least 20 countries, including the best European players, who will be playing the final round of the Pandanet European Cup, the last step of a 20-tournament circuit that began last year. The "IA-GO Challenge 2008" is also scheduled for the Paris event, featuring a showdown between a professional player and the MOGO go program.

GO PHOTO: Top China Pro Visits San Gabriel Club
Li Zhe 6P (r), a top professional from China, visited The San Gabriel Chinese Go Club on February 17. The 19-year-old – who’s one of four up-and-coming young pros in China who just made the semifinals in the 22nd Tianyuan (see story below) -- was greeted by many enthusiastic go players and played a simul with them. Li Zhe 6P has scored wins in international competition against top pros, including Lee Sedol of Korea. Reported by Cherry Shen; photo by Li De Wei (Li Zhe's father).

GO CALENDAR: Princeton, NJ
February 23-24: Princeton, NJ (kids at the '07 NJO in photo at right)
New Jersey Open
Rick Mott 609.466.1602
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TEEN XIE TAKES FIRST GAME IN WOMEN'S MEIJIN: Xie Yimin 3P, current Women's Honinbo in Japan at the age of eighteen, defeated current Women's Meijin Kato Keiko 5P in the first game of their best-of-three-game title match by a half point on February 13th. Both player's current titles are the only ones they have won so far. While Xie only made it to the second round in the current Women's Kisei tournament, Kato made it to the finals, but lost to challenger Mukai Chiaki 2P, who lost the first game in that title match to current Women's Kisei Umezawa Yukari 5P.

FOUR YOUNG CHINESE STARS MEET IN TIANYUAN SEMIFINALS: Four of the up and coming young pros in China make up the semifinal players in the 22nd Tianyuan (Japanese: Tengen), one of the most prestigious Chinese national tournaments. The tournament determines the challenger for current title holder Gu Li 9P, who has held this title for the last five years. Other players who have held this title for multiple terms are well-known figures like Chang Hao 9P, Ma Xiaochun 9P, and Nie Weiping 9P. Heading up this year's semifinalists is is Li Zhe 6P, who is the youngest of the four at nineteen. He won his first, and only so far, pro title in 2006, the Xinren Wang, which is limited to younger pros 7P and under. He was the National Youth Go champion at 13. Second is Zhou Heyang 9P (r), who is the oldest of the group in his early thirties. Zhou won the 2nd Chang-Ki Cup, the richest national event, in 2006. He also has won several other titles, including the Asian TV Fast Game Cup and the Mingren in 2003. Next is Kong Jie 7P, who's best feat has been to win the Chang-Ki Cup twice, in 2005 and 2007. He's also won several minor titles. The fourth member of the group is Wang Xi 9P, who is also in his twenties. Wang won the Asian TV Cup and the Liguang Cup in 2006, which are his only titles so far.

GO QUIZ: Looking Back
It’s time to start thinking seriously about making our plans to go to Portland for the 2008 Go Congress. The organizers certainly seem prepared to make it one of the best ever, and I thought it would be fun to have a poll to ease into the new quiz season and to encourage those who have not been to a Congress to take the plunge. Click here to take the brief poll on Which past Congress was your favorite, which was your first, and how many you’ve attended. Also, share a particular part of the Congress, or a particular moment from a specific Congress that you really loved, and we’ll pick the best for next week’s column. And, of course, I am always looking for good questions...
- Keith Arnold HKA, Quiz Editor

YOUR MOVE: Readers Write

WEBSITE BORROWING: "I was wondering if I could take information from the AGA website and copy it word for word,” writes Nathan Fritzler. “I'm doing a poster for my go club at my school for a festival and one of the things I need is the history of go. It would be very helpful and I will credit the website as my source.” We’re happy for anyone to use information from our website – that’s what it’s there for – and do ask that it be credited properly.

KGS REVIEW VS. IGS: “Several of my friends and I would like to disagree with the statement “KGS has the best interface for reviewing games online” (“How To Get Stronger” 1/28 EJ),” writes Michael Alford. “While we consider the KGS review good for beginners, for experienced players the review on IGS is much better.”

DOWNLOADABLE RECORDING SHEETS: “I've been trying unsuccessfully to find a 19x19 game record sheet at the AGA website that I can print off,” writes Richard Moseson. “Do you know if there is one there?” Thanks to Chuck Robbins – who created a sheet years ago in SmartGo -- we’ve posted one today at online

GO CAMP INFO: “I have been trying to get information about a summer Go camp in Michigan but so far I've gotten nothing,” writes Stephen Goldberg. “Can you help?” The 2008 Go Camp East is in Somerset, New Jersey; Go Camp West is in Tacoma, Washington. Click here for details on both.

E-JOURNAL ONLINE ARCHIVE: A number of readers looking to catch up on ongoing series of articles they missed have written requesting back issues of the E-Journal, which began publishing in 2000; our archives are posted online

GO REVIEW: New Go Proverbs Illustrated
by Phil Waldron 6d
    Common sayings and wisdom often take the form of easy-to-understand proverbs. In the go world, these memorable truths were initially recorded in Segoe Kensaku's classic "Go Proverbs Illustrated." Additional material has been added over the years by several authors, culminating in the recent "New Go Proverbs Illustrated." Putting to use his extensive experience teaching beginners, author Milton N. Bradley provides twenty-five new proverbs for the kyu-level player.
    Unfortunately, it seems to be getting harder to find good proverbs. Whereas those presented in earlier books were fairly straightforward -- "There is death in the hane" -- many of the latest proverbs operate at a much more nuanced and strategic level. The principle that five liberties defeats most tesuji is solid enough, and "Stay away from thickness" is always a good idea, but here we are also counseled to "Conserve your aji" and "Seek multi-purpose moves." Reasonable advice, certainly, but perhaps a little difficult for the aspiring shodan to put into practice. Go books with good advice backed with appropriate examples are always worthwhile. Regretfully, "New Go Proverbs" has neither.     Examples are often of questionable value and the positional analysis contains a number of outright mistakes. One situation in which White is just one move away from disaster is labeled as unplayable for Black, while elsewhere a demonstrably unfavorable corner sequence is blessed as joseki. While some examples are certainly accurate, separating the infrequent wheat from the chaff is a task beyond the abilities of a kyu-level reader. Indeed, a diligent student may well find himself trying to forget many of the book's lessons when trying to advance beyond shodan. Overall, the book leaves the distinct impression that the author is operating beyond his depth. New Go Proverbs Illustrated is at best a mediocre addition to the English-language go literature. Advice of similar quality can be found in the kibitz rooms of any online go server and won't cost a dime. This book might be useful in leveling a wobbly goban, but otherwise is best avoided. New Go Proverbs Illustrated is available from Yutopian Enterprises

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GO PLAYERS WANTED: Vernon Hills, IL: The new Lake County Baduk Club in Vernon Hills, IL is looking for new members and possibly teachers. Email (2/18)
GO PLAYERS WANTED: Houston, TX: Looking for players in North West Houston to start a go club. Please contact (2/18)
GO PLAYERS WANTED: Portland, ME: I am looking for go players of all strength and age to come play at the ME, Greater Portland Area Go Club in Gorham, Maine. Contact me at, or by phone at 207-839-2987. (2/11)
GO PLAYERS WANTED: Walla Walla, WA, at least 10k; am very bored with online playing. contacts: or, phone at (509) 526-4328. (2/11)
GO PLAYERS WANTED: Athens, GA: Seeking all kinds, any kinds of go players to form a club or just play. Email Vic Anderson at (1/28)
GO TEACHER WANTED: Looking for go teacher in Malden, MA. Must be 5 dan and up. Reply to me back at (1/28)
GO PLAYERS WANTED: Dexter, ME: I'm looking for people who want to join my go club in Dexter. Anyone from the state of Maine is welcome to play; no age limit. Contact Information: OR call me at: 207-924-3185. (1/28)
GO PLAYERS WANTED: Washington, PA; I am going to start a go workshop every weekend at any coffee shop in Washington PA. Anybody is welcome. please drop a message to if interested. (1/28)
GO PLAYERS WANTED: West Jordan, UT area: Recently moved to west side of Salt Lake valley and looking for fellow go players. Please contact David Conklin at (1/28)
GO PLAYERS WANTED: New Haven, CT. We have started a small group which meets every Wednesday at 6:30p. We have a strong player (4d) who gives free teaching games and reviews. For details, please join our google group: (1/21)
GO PLAYERS WANTED: Grayslake, IL area: Wishing to start up a club of interested go players of any age and level of experience. Please contact Spencer Allen at (1/21)

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