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November 17, 2006

Volume 7, #98 (Member's Edition)

College Park, Syracuse, Tempe
AGA HAPPENINGS: Gousios Steps Up on Tourney Software Project
THIS WEEK'S GO QUIZ: Will The Real Congress Directors Please Stand Up?
GAME COMMENTARY: A Promising Beginning
GO REVIEW: In The Beginning
ATTACHED FILE(S): 2006.11.17 Lee-Fan, Samsung, Dinerchtein

LEAHY WINS DOTE MEMORIAL TOURNEY: Brian Leahy 2d won the top division in the Dote Memorial Tournament, held November 11-12 in San Francisco. Twenty-nine people attended the annual event, held in Japantown, with 13 dan players including a strong 5-dan visitor from Minnesota. William Fraser 5k won the upper kyu division, and Julie Burrall 10k won the lower kyu division. Started in 1999, this tournament is held in memorial of Dote Shinji, who helped many aspiring go players improve their game. Steve Burrall directed. Full details in Monday's edition.
- Reported by Lawrence Ku, West Coast E-Journal Reporter

E-JOURNAL ADDS YOUTH EDITOR, NORTHWEST PHOTOG: As part of the E-Journal's continuing work to expand go news coverage, we're pleased to welcome two new contributors. AGF Teacher of the Year Paul Barchilon is joining the E-Journal staff as the new Youth Editor, and Brian Allen is our new Northwest photographer. Barchilon plans to feature youth topics including articles with "A kid's-eye view," as well as youth photos, player and club profiles and game commentaries. Allen, a gifted photographer whose work has previously run in the American Go Yearbook and on the AGA website, will cover events in the Northwest United States E-mail Youth submissions to Barchilon at and look for his first report - and a Youth game - Monday. Inquiries about having Allen cover an even in the Northwest can be directed to

YAMASHITA TIES UP JAPANESE OZA: Yamashita Keigo 9P beat Cho U 9P and current Oza title holder by 1.5 points yesterday to take the second game of the title match and tie up the best-of-five-game match 1-1. Details Monday.

Lee Sedol 9P made it 2-0 in his challenge of Choi Cheolhan 9P for the GS Caltex Cup title in Korea, wining the second game in their best-of-five-game match by a half point on Tuesday. Details on Monday.

PAL SANNES TOPS LATEST EVENT IN EUROPEAN TOUR: The latest event in the Toyota IGS PandaNet European Tour, in Gothenburg, Sweden, was won by Pal Sannes 4d. Details Monday.

WEEKEND ACTION: College Park, Syracuse, Tempe
- November 18-19, 2006: College Park, MD
Mid-Atlantic Regional Championship
Steve Mount 301.405.6934
- November 18, 2006: Syracuse, NY
3rd Annual Fall Ratings Tournament
Richard Moseson 315.682.7720
- November 18, 2006: Tempe, AZ
Arizona Go Rating Tournament
W Gundberg 480.429.0300

OHASHI WINS QUIZ: Yoko Ohashi of Chiba City, Japan, is this week's Go Quiz winner, chosen at random from those who identified "Black wins by center pushing" as the correct, literal translation of a resignation in the Japanese. Your quizmaster came across this tidbit in the introduction to "Go Battles of Modern Masters", compiled in 1936 by early AGA President WD Witt. I took it to refer to the Japanese method of picking up the stones when a game is over - pushing them to middle and then picking them up - but this happens whether a game is resigned or not. So the E-Journal checked with John Power, long-time Go World editor and author of "Invincible" for his take. "Chu-oshi", is, literally "in centre" and "pushing" Even Power is not sure, but he offers "I would have guessed that the 'chu' meant 'during the game', or 'on the way' and that 'oshi' meant 'pushing the opponent out of the ring' " This certainly rings true - a nice reference to sumo wrestling. G ot Quiz? Send us your ideas for future Go Quiz questions at

THIS WEEK'S GO QUIZ: Will The Real Congress Directors Please Stand Up?
       This week, the quiz turns to local matters and tests your U.S. Go Congress knowledge. Which of the following WAS NOT a Director of a U.S. Go Congress - Paul Mathews, Grant Franks, Roy Laird or Ned Phipps? Click here if you know the answer: One prize-winner will be drawn at random from the correct answers and will be awarded a prize from one of our fine go vendors.
- Go Quiz Editor: Keith L. Arnold, hka

AGA HAPPENINGS: Gousios Steps Up on Tourney Software Project
       The AGA's primary purpose is to promote the game of go, and support the local go-playing community. We're always looking for ideas to enhance our services and benefits. Even better, we love to hear ideas from members when they're followed up with an offer to volunteer, since we can only get as much done as we have the volunteers to do the work. One of these volunteers, Peter Gousios, joined us at the last US Go Congress after attending the volunteer meeting. Noting that our current tournament pairing software was becoming outdated, Peter not only suggested it was time to upgrade the tournament software, but said that he was interested in working on the project and had already written a fair amount of code. Although this isn't a project that will be done tomorrow, we're excited about the new software, and thankful that a member brought an idea to table and was willing to support it with his own effort as well. Thanks Peter!
- Kevin Purvis, Volunteer Coordinator

GAME COMMENTARY: A Promising Beginning
       A promising beginning for Fan Weiqing 1P of China crumbles under active play by Lee Sedol 9P of Korea in today's game commentary from Round 1 of the 11th Samsung Cup, played on September 6. The commentary is by Alexander Dinerchtein 1P.
       To view the attached .sgf file(s), simply save the file(s) to your computer and then open using an .sgf reader such as Many Faces of Go or SmartGo. Readers who need .sgf readers can get them for most platforms at Jan van der Steen's

GO REVIEW: In The Beginning
By Ikuro Ishigure
Kiseido Publishing Co
Reviewed by Hans Ongchua 20k
       Between opponents of equal strength in the middle and endgame, it can be notably difficult to make up for a poor opening. Ishigure's book addresses this oft-neglected stage among amateurs and is targeted at elementary to intermediate players. As you and your opponents become stronger, the opening becomes increasingly critical.
       In The Beginning gives you the tools and analytical insight for the early stage of the game. Chapter 1 focuses on general strategy and tactics while Chapter 2 expounds on nine principles to consider when assessing the direction of play and application of tactics. Ishigure does a very good job of guiding one's thinking as to which moves can give the greatest potential profit and stability while adversely impacting those of one's opponent. He also takes a whole-board approach to help the reader understand the timing of moves and when some of these become strategically urgent.
       I especially like the way Ishigure presents his ten problems in Chapter 3 and how he assigns relative values to several possible moves. Even if you don't pick any of the optimal moves, you can at least see if you are applying some elements of good opening sense. He explains at least three of the choices to show why they are superior, of modest value, or inferior. He also explains how a move in the right direction of play but of one more or less space, or on a higher or lower line, may completely change its value.

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