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October 13, 2006

Volume 7, #87 (Member's Edition)

THIS WEEK'S GO QUIZ: Who's Not Meijin-Honinbo?
GAME COMMENTARY: Chinese Agon Cup Pros & US Open Kyus
GO REVIEW: Go Basics: Concepts and Strategies for New Players
ATTACHED FILES: 2006.10.13 Lee-Cho, GS Caltex, Dinerchtein; 2006.10.13 Dougherty 4k-Malveaux 5k, US Open, Hung

LIN, JIANG, YANG NOTCH WINS IN NAMT: Xuefen Lin 1P defeated Thomas Hsiang 7d by resignation in Wednesday's round of the North American Master's Tournament, while Mingjiu Jiang 7P narrowly edged out Feng Yun 9P by a point in Thursday's round. In the second match Thursday, Yilun Yang 7P beat Xuefen Lin by resignation. Four more games will be played over the weekend. Saturday 11A: Huiren Yang 1P vs ZhaoNian Chen 8d; Sunday 12:30P: Minjiu Jiang 7P vs Thomas Hsiang 7d; 1P: Yilun Yang 7P vs Jie Li 9d; 1P: ZhaoNian Chen 8d vs Xuefen Lin 1P. Details, including the full schedule, are online at (click on NAMT on the right).

HUANG & AN MOST-IMPROVED IN PRINCETON: Sean Huang jumped 8.9 stones from his -32.3 rating to finish at -23.3 at the October 8 Princeton Fall Self-Paired, while Terence An picked up 8.6 stones to move from -16.7 to -8.1. Zhaonian Chen 8d dropped by to offer commentary and play some unrated games with Princeton club members. Organizer Rick Mott says there was something "historic" about the tournament; check out the photo at and email us at if you know what was so special. Full tourney details Monday.

DC CLUB CHALLENGES CONTINUES TONIGHT: The metro Washington DC-area club matches continue tonight as the Greater Washington Go Club (GWGC) plays a rematch against the Rockville club. "This being Friday the 13th, I'm a bit nervous this may be the time GWGC will break its streak of victories," says organizer Hal Small. "Of course, Rockville's ignominious record may only worsen." Play starts at 8P; for info email

SYRACUSE DOUBLEHEADER: The Syracuse Go Club participated in two recent events in upstate New York. The club ran a booth at the Westcott Cultural Fair in Syracuse, NY on Sunday, September 24, and gave lessons at the October 12 Game Night hosted by the Syracuse University Math Club, Pi Mu Epsilon. Full details Monday.

ROMANIAN TEAM WINS EURO CHAMPIONSHIP: The Romanian team of Catalin Taranu, Cristian Pop, Cornel Burzo, and Lucian Corlan won a smashing victory in the recent European Team Championship, losing only two games in six rounds. Details on Monday.

CHO U WINS FIFTH JAPANESE TITLE: Cho U 9P has added a fifth title to his current list by defeating Hane Naoki 9P in the Agon Cup last Saturday. Details on Monday.

HIKARU'S NEW RIVAL?: This just in: a Chinese anime company is producing a series starring a boy who plays go. With nearly thirty episodes already completed, the series could find a ready audience among go-savvy anime fans who enjoy Hikaru's exploits. Hikaru lives in the modern world, but "Go Boy" looks like a historical drama, judging from the appearance of the main characters at the web site: We'd love to get a look at them, and tell you more about them! If they're on DVD and you know where to find them, let us know at
- Roy Laird

NOVEMBER YANG WORKSHOP IN LANCASTER, PA: You lose won games.Your opening is not up to par.Just plain mystified about how to improve? Attend the 10th Annual Lancaster Yang Workshop Thursday -Sunday November 2-5. The workshop starts at 9A Thursday and ends at 3P Sunday. Mr. Yang will give lectures about various aspects of the game and analyze games the attendees play at the workshop. The workshop will be directed to both strong and improving players. "There will be something in here for everyone," promises organizer Sam Zimmerman. Cost is $225 for adults, $125 for children (fees are customizable depending on how many days you attend). Contact Zimmerman at 717-892-1249 or

KNOX NEW CAMP COORDINATOR: Walter Knox from Mathews, North Carolina is the new Summer Camps Coordinator, reports AGA President Mike Lash. "Walter brings years of project management and solid coordination experience to bear on the job," says Lash. "He also benefits from the recent successes of our Camp Coordinators at the East and West Summer Camps who already know the drill from the local perspective." Knox with provide a constant single point of contact all year long for information, support and coordination on summer camps. "This includes providing basic set up for accounting forms, helping do break-even analyses for planning, event scheduling, results reporting, etc," says Lash, who adds that "the 2007 season is off to a great head start from the American Go Foundation" which is awarding up to 16 partial Summer Go Camp scholarships for the US Youth GO Championship winners at the eight qualifier s, "building an immediate base of happy campers!"

October 14, 2006: Westminster, CO
Rocky Mountain Fall Go Tournament
A 4-round, one-day handicap tournament.
David Weiss 303.495.6352

JOHNSON WINS QUIZ: Evan Johnson of Providence, RI is this week's Go Quiz Winner. His name was selected at random from those who knew that the American Go Journal was the first English-language periodical about go. Johnson wins a go vendor gift certificate. The Journal was first published in 1949 by Lester and Elizabeth Morris. Although, as Keith Arnold notes, WD Witt published Volume 1, #1 of "GO: A Bulletin Devoted to the Game of Go" in April 1936, this proved to be the first and last edition of the Bulletin. The Nihon Kiin published Go Review from 1961 to 1975; the demise of Go Review inspired John Power and Richard Bozulich to create Go World, which began publication in 1977 and just published issue #107. The British Go Journal started publication in 1967. According to reader Theo van Ees M. Moonsstraat of Leiden, The Netherlands the nod for oldest Western go publication goes to the German go journal D eutsche Go Zeitung "which started in 1909 with 10 issues, really started in 1920 and is still publishing." Quiz question submitted by Roy Laird. Got Quiz? Send us your ideas for future Go Quiz questions at

THIS WEEK'S GO QUIZ: Who's Not Meijin-Honinbo?
     Takao Shinji is one win away from being only the sixth player to hold both the Meijin and Honinbo titles simultaneously. One of the following is NOT one of those players: who's the imposter? Cho U, Ishida Yoshio, Cho Chikun, Kobayashi Koichi or Sakata Eio. Bonus points if you can also name the missing Meijin-Honinbo. Click here now to enter our Go Quiz Question of The Week: One winner will be drawn at random from the correct answers and will be awarded a go book or $15 gift certificate from one of our fine go vendors. Go Quiz Editor: Keith L. Arnold, hka

GAME COMMENTARY: Chinese Agon Cup Pros & US Open Kyus
     Today's pro game -- Round 1 of the 8th Chinese Agon Cup - features an unusual early move by Black and a clever group-saving tesuji by White in the August 3 game between Xie He 6P and Piao Wenyao 5P. Alexander Dinerchtein 1P provides the commentary.
     Our bonus game today is from Round 3 of the 2006 U.S. Open - played on August 15 -- and features Michael Dougherty 6k playing Mike Malveaux 6k. The commentary is by Joey Hung 8d, one of the strongest amateurs in the US. Hung runs a go school in California (see and regularly does game commentaries for the E-Journal. He was the 2006 US representative to the World Amateur Go Championship in Japan.
     To view the attached .sgf file(s), simply save the file(s) to your computer and then open using an .sgf reader such as Many Faces of Go or SmartGo. Readers who need .sgf readers can get them for most platforms at Jan van der Steen's

GO REVIEW: Go Basics: Concepts and Strategies for New Players
by Peter Shotwell
Tuttle 2006 $16.95
Reviewed by Vincent Solimine
     "GO Basics" is prolific go writer Peter Shotwell's second basics book. Though his "Go! More Than a Game" (2003) was impressively comprehensive, "GO Basics" delivers on its sub-title premise of providing concepts and strategies for new players. And while there are many go primers available, this book stands out with Shotwell's unique approach to teaching the fundamentals of go.
     Many fundamentals-oriented books teach by using isolated 19x19 board examples. Such an approach may adequately demonstrate a concept but often fail to provide the new player with an understanding of the relationship of the concept to the entire game. In contrast, "GO Basics" uses seven professional 9x9 games to teach the reader everything found in a complete game of go.
     The first game takes up half the book, covering the opening game, including captures, ladders, nets, and tesuji. In the middle game, Shotwell reviews life & death, eyes, territorial play, running fights, sente, gote, ko, and seki. The endgame is handled with another unique approach. First, the beginner's play is reviewed by showing the reader what not to do. This is followed by a review of the professional's play in the endgame, which of course, is the right way to play. The last six games cover advanced concepts such as sacrifice, big ko's, cross-cuts, hunting big groups, invasions and thinking territorially.
     Also included are an actual 9x9 go set and the American Go Association CD-ROM's treasure trove of materials with its interactive playing program, cementing "GO Basics" as a complete primer for beginners, young and old alike.
     Vincent Solimine lives in Glen Cove, NY. You can reach him at Got a different opinion on this or other reviews? Send it to us at!

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